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Cyrillic Font for MicroStation

A Demo-version of "90-series" Cyrillic Font (Font96) is available.

Unzip zip-file ( and put the rsc-file into the directory, where MS_SYMBRSRC env. variable is pointing to
( e.g.. "ms-root"\wsmod\default\symb\ ) MS 95, MS SE and MS GeoOutlook
( and. "ms-root"\Workspace\standards\symb\ or "ms-root"\Workspace\system\symb\ ) MS/J
and restart MicroStation.

The outlook of characters in Font 96 is according to the ISO 3098/4 standard. Picture (f96.svf, 139.5 kB)

Cyrillic characters, according to Windows Code Page 1251 coding,replace characters DEC168, DEC184, DEC185 and DEC192 - DEC255 used in
Fonts 90-93.

Instructions how to set-up the keyboard to cyrillic in Windows 3.1x, 95 and NT4.0.

Janko's Keyboard Generator for Win95 & Win98.

The Demo-versio does not include UPPER-case cyrillic characters, but you can test e.g. the keyboard functioning with it.

The "full"-version of Font96 is a commercial product with a "user friendly" pricing.

In case You are interested in Fonts 96, please contact CAD Partner Oy.

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