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Selected Discography

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  • Creedence Clearwater Revisited, with Doug Clifford & Stu Cook
  • Tommy Fogerty & the Blue Velvets


      Come on Baby/Oh My Love (10/61)
      Have You Ever Been Lonely/Bonita (11/61)
      Now You're Not Mine/Yes You Did (6/62)

    The Golliwogs


      Don't Tell Me No Lies/Little Girl (Does Your Mama Know) (11/64)
      You Came Walking/Where You Been (4/65)
      You Can't Be True/You Got Nothin' on Me (7/65)
      Brown-Eyed Girl/You Better Be Careful (3/66)
      Fight Fire/Fragile Child (4/66)
      Walking on the Water/You Better Get it Before it Gets You (12/66)
      Porterville/Call it Pretending (11/67)


      THE GOLLIWOGS (Pre-Creedence) ('75)
      Don't Tell Me No Lies - Little Girl (Does Your Mama Know?) - Where You Been - You Came Walking - You Can't Be True - You Got Nothin' On Me - Brown-Eyed Girl - You Better Be Careful - Fight Fire - Fragile Child - Walk On The Water - You Better Get It Before It Gets You - Porterville - Call It Pretending

    Creedence Clearwater Revival


      Porterville/Call it Pretending (Fantasy, 1/68)
      Suzie Q (Part One)/Suzie Q (Part Two) (Fantasy, 6/15/68)
      I Put a Spell On You/Walk on the Water (Fantasy, 10/68)
      Proud Mary/Born on the Bayou (Fantasy, 1/15/69)
      Bad Moon Rising/Lodi (Fantasy, 4/15/69)
      Green River/Commotion (Fantasy, 7/69)
      Down on the Corner/Fortunate Son (Fantasy, 9/19/69)
      Travelin' Band/Who'll Stop the Rain (Fantasy, 1/2/70)
      Up Around the Bend/Run Through the Jungle (Fantasy, 4/70)
      Lookin' Out My Back Door/Long As I Can See the Light (Fantasy, 6/24/70)
      Hey Tonight/Have You Ever Seen the Rain (Fantasy, 1/71)
      Sweet Hitch-Hiker/Door to Door (Fantasy, 6/30/71)
      Someday Never Comes/Tearin' Up the Country (Fantasy, 4/72)
      (Fantasy, 1/76)
      I Heard it Through the Grapevine/Heard it Through the Grapevine (mono/promo) (Fantasy, 1/76)
      Tombstone Shadow/Commotion (Fantasy, 1/81)
      Cotton Fields/Lodi (Fantasy, 11/81)
      Medley U.S.A./Bad Moon Rising (8/81)
      Medley (Proud Mary to Lodi)/Medley ('85)
      Medley (Proud Mary to Up Around the Bend)/Rude Awakening #2 ('85)


      I Put A Spell On You - The Working Man - Suzie Q - Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won't Do) - Get Down Woman - Porterville - Gloomy - Walk On The Water

      BAYOU COUNTRY (Fantasy, 1/15/69)
      Born On The Bayou - Bootleg - Graveyard Train - Good Golly Miss Molly - Penthouse Pauper - Praud Mary - Keep On Chooglin'

      GREEN RIVER (Fantasy, 8/7/69)
      Green River - Commotion - Tombstone Shadow - Wrote A Song For Everyone - Bad Moon Rising - Lodi - Cross-Tie Walker - Sinister Purpose - Night Time Is The Right Time

      WILLY AND THE POORBOYS (Fantasy, 10/29/69)
      Down On The Corner - It Came Out Of The Sky - Cotton Fields - Poorboy Shuffle - Feelin' Blue - Fortunate Son - Don't Look Now (It Ain't You Or Me) - The Midnight Special - Side O' The Road - Effigy

      COSMO'S FACTORY (Fantasy, 7/15/70)
      Ramble Tamble - Before You Accuse Me - Travelin' Band - Ooby Dooby - Lookin' Out My Back Door - Run Throught The Jungle - Up Around The Bend - My Baby Left Me - Who'll Stop The Rain - I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Long As I Can See The Light

      PENDULUM (Fantasy, 12/15/70)
      Pagan Baby - Sailor's Lament - Chameleon - Have You Ever Seen The Rain? - (Wish I Could) Hideaway - Born To Move - Hey Tonight - It's Just A Thought - Molina - Rude Awakening No 2

      MARDI GRAS (Fantasy, 4/72)
      Lookin' For A Reason - Take It Like A Friend - Need Someone To Hold - Tearin' Up The Country - Someday Never Comes - What Are You Gonna Do - Sail Away - Hello Mary Lou - Door To Door - Sweet Hitch-Hiker

      CREEDENCE GOLD (Fantasy, 10/06/72)
      Proud Mary - Down On The Corner - Bad Moon Rising - I Heard It Through The Grapevine - The Midnight Special - Have You Ever Seen The Rain? - Born On The Bayou - Suzie Q

      MORE CREEDENCE GOLD (Fantasy, 6/73)
      Hey Tonight - Run Through The Jungle - Fortunate Son - Bootleg - Lookin' Out My Back Door - Molina - Who'll Stop The Rain - Sweet Hitchhiker - Good Golly Miss Molly - I Put A Spell On You - Don't Look Now (It Ain't You Or Me) - Lodi - Porterville - Up Around The Bend

      LIVE IN EUROPE (Fantasy, 12/73)
      Born On The Bayou - Green River/Suzie Q - It Came Out Of The Sky - Door To Door Travelin' Band - Fortunate Son - Commotion - Lodi - Bad Moon Rising - Proud Mary - Up Around The Bend - Hey Tonight - Sweet Hitchhiker Keep On Chooglin'
      Recorded live by Russ Gary during Creedence Clearwater Revival's concert tour of Europe, September 4 through 28, 1971. Originally issued as a double album. Later released as a normal LP in several variations, eg. "Live In Europe", "Live In Germany".

      CHRONICLE (Fantasy, 1/19/76)
      Suzie Q - I Put A Spell On You - Proud Mary - Bad Moon Rising - Lodi - Green River - Commotion - Down On The Corner - Fortunate Son - Travelin' Band - Who'll Stop The Rain - Up Around The Bend - Run Through The Jungle - Lookin' Out My Back Door - Long As I Can See The Light - I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Have You Ever Seen The Rain? - Hey Tonight - Sweet Hitch-Hiker - Someday Never Comes

      THE CONCERT (10/80)
      Born On The Bayou - Green River - Tombstone Shadow - Don't Look Now - Travelin' Band - Who'll Stop The Rain - Bad Moon Rising - Proud Mary - Fortunate Son - Commotion - The Midnight Special - Night Time Is The Right Time - Down On The Corner - Keep On Chooglin'
      Recorded live at Oakland Coliseum on 30 January, 1970. Originally titled "The Royal Albert Hall Concert", until Fantasy Records actually realised that the wrong tape had been used and that it was actually recorded at the Oakland Coliseum on January, 1970.

      CREEDENCE COUNTRY (Fantasy, 8/81)
      Lookin' For A Reason - Don't Look Now - Lodi - My Baby Left Me - Hello Mary Lou - Ramble Tamble - Cotton Fields - Before You Accuse Me - Wrote A Song For Everyone - Ooby Dooby - Cross-Tie Walker - Lookin' Out My Back Door

      THE MOVIE ALBUM (Fantasy, '85)
      The Midnight Special - Proud Mary - I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Bad Moon Rising - Keep On Chooglin' - Who'll Stop The Rain - Fortunate Son - Hey Tonight

      CHRONICLE 2 (Fantasy, '86)
      Walk On The Water - Suzie Q (Part 2) - Born On The Bayou - Good Golly Miss Molly - Tombstone Shadow - Wrote A Song For Everyone - Night Time Is The Right Time - Cotton Fields - It Came Out Of The Sky - Don't Look Now - The Midnight Special - Before You Accuse Me - My Baby Left Me - Pagan Baby - (Wish I Could) Hideaway - It's Just A Thought - Molina - Born To Move - Lookin' For A Reason - Hello Mary Lou

    Guest Appearances

      1. "Commotion", "Green River", "Ninety Nine And A Half (Won't Do)", "I Put A Spell On You" live on "Woodstock - Three Days of Peace and Music, Twentyfifth Anniversary Collection" boxed set (Atlantic, 8/94)


      Including a six-minute video (with clips from Royal Albert Hall concert, London, UK, 4/12/1970: Born On The Bayou, Green River, Travelin' Band, Midnight Special, Proud Mary, Keep On Chooglin'), discography, biography, and images.

    John Fogerty


      Blue Ridge Mountain Blues/Have Thine Own Way, Lord (Fantasy, 8/72)
      Jambalaya/Workin' on a Building (Fantasy, 10/72)
      Hearts of Stone/Somewhere Listening (Fantasy, 4/73)
      Back in the Hills/You Don't Owe Me (Fantasy, 9/73)
      Comin' Down the Road/Ricochet (Fantasy, 11/73)
      Rockin' All Over the World/The Wall (Fantasy/Asylum, 9/75)
      Almost Saturday Night/Sea Cruise (Fantasy/Asylum, 1/76)
      You Got the Magic/Evil Thing (Elektra/Asylum, 2/76)
      Old Man Down The Road/Big Train (From Memphis) (Warner, 11/84)
      Old Man Down The Road/Rock And Roll Girls (Warner, '85)
      Rock and Roll Girls/Centerfield (Warner, 5/85)
      Eye of the Zombie/I Confess (Warner, 8/86)
      Change in the Weather/My Toot Toot (Warner, 11/86)
      Knockin' On Your Door/Knockin' On Your Door (Warner, 1/87)
      Sail Away/I Found A Love (Bellaphon, Germany, 3/87)
      Walkin' In A Hurricane/Walkin' In A Hurricane (Warner, 5/97) Walkin' in a Hurricane/Endless Sleep/Just Pickin' (Warner, Australia, 5/97)
      Blueboy/Bad Bad Boy (Warner, 9/97, Australia 10/13/97)
      Rambunctious Boy (Warner, promo, remixed version, '97)
      Premonition/Born on the Bayou (Reprise, 6/98)
      Almost Saturday Night/Who'll Stop the Rain (Reprise, 6/98)
      Deja Vu (All Over Again) (Geffen, promo, 7/20/04)


      BLUE RIDGE RANGERS (Fantasy, 4/73)
      Blue Ridge Mountain Blues - Somewhere Listening (For My Name) - You're The Reason - Jambalaya - She Thinks I Still Care - California Blues - Workin' On A Building - Please Help Me I'm Falling - Have Thine Own Way, Lord - I Ain't Never - Hearts Of Stone - Today I Started Loving You Again
      Songs performed by Blue Ridge Rangers aka John Fogerty

      JOHN FOGERTY (Fantasy/Asylum, 10/75)
      Rockin' All Over The World - You Rascal You - The Wall - Travelin' High - Lonely Teardrops - Almost Saturday Night - Where The River Flows - Sea Cruise - Dream Song - Flying Away

      CENTERFIELD (Warner, 1/7/85)
      The Old Man Down The Road - Rock And Roll Girls - Big Train (From Memphis) - I Saw It On TV - Mr. Greed - Searchlight - Centerfield - I Can't Help Myself - Zanz Kant Danz (original title in the first pressing of the album, later changed to Vanz Kant Danz)

      EYE OF THE ZOMBIE (Warner, 9/15/86)
      Goin' Back Home - Eye Of The Zombie - Headlines - Knockin' On Your Door - Change In The Weather - Violence Is Golden - Wasn't That A Woman - Soda Pop - Sail Away

      BLUE MOON SWAMP (Warner, 5/16/97 Europe, 5/20/97 America)
      Southern Streamline - Hot Rod Heart - Blueboy - 110 In The Shade - Rattlesnake Highway - Bring It Down To Jellyroll - Walking In A Hurricane - Swamp River Days - Rambunctious Boy - Joy Of My Life - Blue Moon Nights - Bad Bad Boy

      PREMONITION (Reprise, 5/29/98 Europe, 6/9/98 America)
      Born On The Bayou - Green River - Susie Q - I Put A Spell On You - Who'll Stop The Rain - Premonition - Almost Saturday Night - Rockin' All Over The World - Joy Of My Life - Down On The Corner - Centerfield - Swamp River Days - Hot Rod Heart - The Old Man Down The Road - Bad Moon Rising - Fortunate Son - Proud Mary - Travelin' Band.
      Performed in Burbank, December 12-13, 1997.

      DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN (Geffen, 9/21/04)
      Deja Vu (All Over Again) - Sugar-Sugar (In My Life) - She's Got Baggage - Radar - Honey Do - Nobody's Here Anymore - I Will Walk With You - Rhubarb Pie - Wicked Old Witch - In The Garden

      Born On The Bayou - Bad Moon Rising - Centerfield - Who'll Stop The Rain - Rambunctious Boy - Fortunate Son - Lookin' Out My Back Door - Up Around The Bend - Almost Saturday Night (live) - Down On The Corner - Bootleg (live) - Have You Ever Seen The Rain? - Sweet Hitch-Hiker - Hey Tonight (live) - The Old Man Down The Road - Rockin' All Over The World (live) - Lodi - Keep On Chooglin' (live) - Green River - Déjà Vu (All Over Again) - Run Through The Jungle - Hot Rod Heart - Travelin' Band - Proud Mary - Fortunate Son (live). Bootleg, Hey Tonight, Keep On Chooglin', and Fortunate Son recorded live at Tweeter Center, Waterfront, Camden, NJ, USA, on 7/15/05. Other live cuts taken off the Premonition album.


      PREMONITION (Reprise, 8/11/98)
      Born On The Bayou - Green River - Suzie Q - I Put A Spell On You - Bring It Down To Jellyroll - Who'll Stop The Rain - Premonition - 110 In The Shade - Almost Saturday Night - Rockin' All Over The World - Joy Of My Life - Down On The Corner - Centerfield - Swamp River Days - Hot Rod Heart - The Old Man Down The Road - Blueboy - Walkin' In A Hurricane - Bad Moon Rising - Fortunate Son - Proud Mary - Travelin' Band

      THE LONG ROAD HOME - IN CONCERT (Fantasy, 6/13/06)
      Travelin' Band - Green River - Who'll Stop The Rain - Blue Moon Nights - Lodi - Lookin' Out My Backdoor - Hot Rod Heart - Rambunctious Boy - She's Got Baggage - Born On The Bayou - Bootleg - Run Through The Jungle - Deja Vu (All Over Again) - Have You Ever Seen The Rain? - Tombstone Shadow - Keep On Chooglin' - Sweet Hitch Hiker - Hey Tonight - Down On The Corner - Centerfield - Up Around The Bend - The Old Man Down The Road - Fortunate Son - Bad Moon Rising - Rockin' All Over The World - Proud Mary - Bonus Track: Deja Vu (All Over Again). Performed at Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA, September 15th 2005.

    Guest Appearances

      1. Guitar on Tom Fogerty's "Zephyr National" album 1974. 2. Vocals on "Big Train (From Memphis" on Class of '55 album.
      3. Guitar on "Kickin' Asphalt" by Duane Eddy on Eddy's self-titled album 1987.
      4. "Born On The Bayou" and "Fortunate Son" live on the album featuring Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Opening Concert, 1995
      5. "All Mama's Children", duet with Carl Perkins on his 'Go, Cat, Go' album 1996
      6. "Blue Moon Of Kentucky" on the Bill Monroe tribute album 'Big Mon', released on 29 August 2000.
      7. Vocals on "Blue Ridge Mountain Blues" on the Earl Scruggs album 'Earl Scruggs And His Friends', released on 28 August 2001.
      8. "Diggy Liggy Lo" on 'Evangeline Made: a Tribute to Cajun Music', released on 5 March 2002
      9. Live version of "Midnight Special" on 'Lightning in a Bottle' (live, soundtrack), released on 21 September 2004
      10. Live version of "Midnight Special" on 'Lightning in a Bottle: a One Night History of Blues' DVD, released on 8 March 2005
      11. "Swing Blues" on Jerry Douglas' album 'The Best Kept Secret', released on 20 September 2005

    Tom Fogerty

    As Tom Fogerty and Tom Fogerty & Ruby


      Goodbye Media Man, Part One/Goodbye Media Man, Part Two (Fantasy, 4/71)
      Cast the First Stone/Lady of Fatima (Fantasy, 6/72)
      Faces, Places, People/Forty Years (Fantasy, 10/72)
      Joyful Resurrection/Heartbeat (Fantasy, 5/73)
      Mystic Isle Avalon/Reggie (Fantasy, 11/73)
      Money/It's Been a Good Day (Fantasy, 6/74)
      Sweet Things to Come (Fantasy, 3/75)
      Judy Lee/Baby, What You Want Me to Do (Ginseng, 8/75)
      Life is But a Dream/Running Back to Me (PBR, '76)
      Champagne Love/The Secret (1/82)


      TOM FOGERTY (Fantasy, 5/72)
      The Legend of Alcatraz - Lady of Fatima - Beauty is Under the Skin - Wondering - My Pretty Baby - Train to Nowhere - Everyman - The Me Song - Cast the First Stone - Here Stand the Clown

      EXCALIBUR (Fantasy, 10/72)
      Forty Years - Black Jack Jenny - Rocky Road Blues - Faces, Places, People - Get Funky - Sick and Tired - Sign of the Devil - Straight and Narrow - Next in Line - (Hold on) Annie Mae
      Jerry Garcia on lead guitar.

      ZEPHYR NATIONAL (Fantasy, 2/74)
      It's Been a Good Day - Can You Feel It, Ras? - Mystic Isle Avalon - Reggie - Money (Root the Root) - Hot Buttered Rum - Joyful Resurrection - Heartbeat - Fate - Goin' Back to Okeefeenokee
      Featuring John Fogerty, Doug Clifford, and Stu Cook.

      MYOPIA (Fantasy, 11/74)
      Give Me Another Trojan Horse - What Did I Know - Theme From 4-D - Sweet Things To Come - What About Tomorrow - She La La La - And I Love You - Get Up - There Was A Time - Showdown
      Featuring Doug Clifford, Stu Cook, Russ Gary and Steve Miller

      RUBY (PBR, '76)
      Life Is But A Dream - Can You Really Say - Bart - Starry Eyed - Baby What You Want Me To Do - Running Back To Me - Take Me Back To London - It's Taking A Long Time - Slippin' And Slidin' - Big Fat Woman

      Run With Your Love - Mistreater - Take A Little More Time - Make Love To You - Ebergeen In Mexico - It's Gotta Be You - Take Me Higher - Singin' The Blues - King Arthur's March - Dance All Night

      DEAL IT OUT (Fantasy, 10/81)
      Champaign Love - Why Me - Real Real Gone - Tricia Suzanne - Mystery Train - Deal It Out - Open The Window - You Move Me - The Secret - Summer Night

      PRECIOUS GEMS (Fantasy, '84)
      Running Back to Me - Life is But a Dream - Mistreater - Run With Your Love - Bart - Take Me Back to London - Can You Really Say - Singin' the Blues - Dance All Night

      SIDEKICKS (recorded '88, released '92)
      Rainbow Carousel - Money Buys It (on the Funky Side of Town) - Video Girl - Woman of the Year - Clearwater Rain - Teardrops - We've Been Here Before - Sometimes - Sloop John B - Unbearable Lightness of Being

    Guest Appearances

      1. Guitar and vocals on the "Heavy Turbulence" album by Merle Saunders in 1972.
      2. Backing vocals ("Homemade Music") on Jim Post's album "Slow To 20" (1972).
      3. Guitar and producer on "Fire Up" by Merle Saunders in 1973
      4. On Merle Saunders' album "Keepers" including outtakes of "Heavy Turbulence" and "Fire Up".

    Doug Clifford


      Latin Music/Take A Train (Fantasy, 8/72)


      DOUG "COSMO" CLIFFORD (Fantasy, 9/72)
      Latin Music - Regret It (For the Rest of Your Life) - Guitars, Drums, & Girls - I'm a Man - She's About a Mover - I Just Want to Cry - Get Your Raise - Daydream - Take a Train - Death Machine - Swingin' in a Hammock
      Featuring Stu Cook, Donald "Duck" Dunn, John McFee, and Steve Miller.

    Guest Appearances

      1. On Russell Dashiell's album "Elevator" in 1972.
      2. On Mark Spoelstra's album "This House" in 1972.
      3. Drums on Tom Fogerty's "Zephyr National" and "Myopia".
      4. Drums on Bob Whitlock and David Vega's album "California Gold" in 1979.
      5. Drums on four tracks of "UnKIHNtrollable" by Greg Kihn in 1989.

    Stu Cook

    Guest Appearances

      1. On Russell Dashiell's album "Elevator" in 1972.
      2. Rhythm guitar on one song on Mark Spelstra's album "This House" 1972.
      3. Bass on Tom Fogerty's "Zephyr National" and "Myopia".
      3. Bass and producer on Roky Erikson's album "Evil One" 1981. Re-recorded in 1987.
      4. Bass and producer on Baron Stewart's "In Temperature Rising" 1982.
      5. Bass, rhythm guitar, tambourine, backing vocals and producer in "California Republic" by Greg Gumbel (1985).
      4. Bass and producer on Peter Lewis' self-titled album in 1995.

    Don Harrison Band

    featuring Doug Clifford and Stu Cook


      Sixteen Tons/Who I Really Am (Atlantic, 4/76)
      Rock'n Roll Records/Romance (Atlantic, UK, 4/76)
      Rock'n Roll Records/Barroom Dancing Girl (Atlantic, 8/76)


      DON HARRISON BAND (Atlantic, 4/76)
      Sixteen Tons - Who I Really Am - Rock 'N' Roll Records - Fame And Fortune - Sometimes Loving You - Romance - Sweetwater William - Barroom Dancing Girl - A Bit Of Love - Living Another Day

      RED HOT (Atlantic, 12/76)
      Red Hot (Ready To Go) - Jaime - This Ol' Guitar - Rock 'n' Roll Lady - My Heart - In The Rain - Baby Don't Change Your Mind - Love Came Down - Takin' My Time - Round And Round

    Southern Pacific

    featuring Stu Cook


      Midnight Highway/What's It Gonna Take (Warner, '86)
      Anyway The Wind Blows/Reno Bound (Warner, '89)


      KILLBILLY HILL (Warner, '86)
      Road Song - A Girl Like Emmylou - Pink Cadillac - I Still Look For You - Pull Your Hat Down Tight - Killbilly Hill - Don't Let Go of My Heart - What's It Gonna Take - Hearts on the Borderline - Bluegrass Blues

      ZUMA (Warner, '88)
      Midnight Highway - Honey I Dare You - New Shade of Blue - Dream On - The Invisible Man - Wheels On The Line (with Huey Lewis on harmonica) - Just Hang On - All Is Lost - Bail Out (with Huey Lewis on harmonica) - Trail of Tears

      COUNTY LINE (Warner '90)
      Any Way the Wind Blows - I Can't Complain - Beyond Love - Time's Up (duet with Carlene Carter) - Memphis Queen - Side Saddle - One That Got Away - Reckless Heart - Mary Lou - Help Wanted - G.T.O. (with the Beach Boys) - I Go to Pieces

      GREATEST HITS (Warner '91)
      Any Way the Wind Blows - Reno Bound - New Shade of Blue - Thing About You (with Emmylou Harris) - All is Lost - A Girl Like Emmylou - Honey I Dare You - Midnight Highway - I Go to Pieces - Perfect Stranger - Time's Up (with Carlene Carter) - Trail of Tears - Pink Cadillac (Live version)

    Guest Appearances

      1. "Any Way the Wind Blows" and "Reno Bound" on the Pink Cadillac Movie Soundtrack
      2. "A Cold Night for Alligators" on Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye - A Tribute to Roky Erikson

    Sir Douglas Quintet

    featuring Doug Clifford and Stu Cook


      Groovers Paradise/Girls (Don't Like to Sleep Alone) (Warner '74)
      Meet Me In Stockholm/Charisma Face (Sonet, Sweden, '83)
      Let's Don't Waste A Minute/Little Georgie Baker (Sonet, Sweden. '83)
      Too Little Too Late/You Don't Know How Young You're/Intoxication (Warner '94)


      GROOVERS PARADISE (Warner, '74)
      Groovers Paradise - Devil Heart - Houston Chicks - For the Sake of Rock N Roll - Beautiful Texas Sunshine - Just Groove Me - Girls Today (Don't Like to Sleep Alone) - La Cacahuata (Peanut) - Her Dream Man Never Came - Catch Me in the Morning

      MIDNIGHT SUN (Sonet, '83)
      Let's Don't Waste Minute - This Time - High High, Bye Bye - One More Time - Someday - Carol Jane - Meet Me In Stockholm - Charisma Face - Be Real - Little Georgie Baker - Sugar Bee

      DAY DREAMING AT MIDNIGHT (Elektra, '94)
      Too Little Too Late - Twisted World - Darling Dolores - Day Dreaming At Midnight - Into The Night - Dylan Come Lately - She Would If She Could, She Can't So She Won't - You Can Know How Young You Are - County Line - Romance Is All Screwed Up - Freedom Is Mine - Intoxication

    Creedence Clearwater Revisited

    featuring Stu Cook and Doug Clifford


      RECOLLECTION (Poorboy Productions, 6/9/98)
      Born on the Bayou - Green River - Lodi - Commotion - Who'll Stop the Rain - Suzie Q - Hey Tonight - Long as I Can See the Light - Down on the Corner - Lookin' Out My Back Door - Cotton Fields - Tombstone Shadow - I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Midnight Special - Bad Moon Rising - Pround Mary - I Put a Spell on You - Fortunate Son - Have You Ever Seen the Rain - Travelin' Band - Run Through the Jungle - Up Around the Bend
      Performed live in Canada, November 1997

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