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Fogerty Fest Finland 2000

Commotion Band

Commotion played:

First Set:

  • It came out of thr sky
  • Up around the bend
  • Bad moon rising
  • Proud Mary
  • Lodi
  • Cottonfields
  • Wrote a song for everyone
  • Ramble tamble
  • Sweet hitch-hiker
  • Travelin band

    Second Set:

  • Born on the bayou
  • I ain't never
  • Ooby dooby
  • Have you ever seen the rain?
  • Who'll stop the rain
  • Someday never comes
  • Don't look now
  • Tombstone shadow
  • Fortunate son
  • Blueboy

    Third Set:

  • I'm a lonesome fugitive
  • Gonna have love
  • Memphis tennessee
  • On the road again
  • Before you accuse me
  • Eagle ridin' papa
  • Mystery train
  • Burning love


  • It came out of the sky

    Band line-up:

  • Kari Huovinen (guitar, vocals)
  • Jp Mönkkönen (bass)
  • Juha Tanninen (drums)
  • Special Guest: Esa (vocals & rhythm guitar in the songs marked with Italics)

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  • 200 fans celebrated the 55th anniversary of John Fogerty in Finland

    The second annual Fogerty Fest Finland, the birthday tribute for John Fogerty, was held at Bottom Club, Hyvinkää, Finland, on 26 May 2000.

    The Fest was organized by Halko Ry, a live music organization in Southern Finland, the Worldwide CCR Fan Club and the Electric Bayou Web Site.

    Attendance record

    There were 200 fans enjoying the main concert of the Commotion Band and also the good company, the good food and the good drinks. It was the all-time attendance record of the club.

    Before Commotion took the stage, the crowd enjoyed the performance by a local duo called Kova T. They provided a full set of interesting accoustic renditions of the swamp rock master.

    Kova T.

    Socks off

    Commotion played three marvellous sets, including a bunch of classic CCR and John Fogerty songs. They kicked off with a superb version of "It Came Out Of The Sky", knocking the socks off.

    Of course, the evening also saw a live version of "Ramble Tamble", one of the trademarks of the band. And many, many others.

    It was one of the best gigs Commotion has ever played. The sound mix was excellent. There was a rush on the dance floor from the opening licks until the last note of the encore song.

    Special Guest Star

    The show also featured four songs by Esa as a special guest vocalist. His rendition of rarely performed "Someday Never Comes" saluted the original cut and was one of the definite highlights of the evening.

    Esa doing
    "Someday Never Comes"

    Tough and exciting
    CCR quiz

    The CCR Quiz, one of the essential part of the fest, was tough and exciting as always. The winner and the happy owner of the rare Inside Creedence book as the main prize was Olli Valo who really could see the Light. Other precious prizes for runner-ups included the Premonition CD, a Commotion CD, T-shirts, caps and posters.

    Fogerty Fest Finland 2000 provided splendid time and happy memories for all.

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    Photos by Kari Rautanen.