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Fogerty Fest Finland 2001

Almost 1000 fans celebrated the 56th Anniversary of John Fogerty in Finland

Almost one thousand fans from Finland and Europe gathered together at Club Feenix, Turku, Finland, to celebrate the 56th anniversary of John Fogerty.

Creedence hits and rarities

The main concert of the 3rd Annual Fogerty Fest Finland provided an extreme rock and roll show by Cajun Cowboys in the fine John Fogerty mood.

They played three 45-minute sets, starting with "Born On The Bayou" and "Sweet Hitchhiker" at the midnight and finishing exhausted as late as 3AM when the sun already begin to rise in Finland.

The rarely heard gems of their set list included "Almost Saturday Night", "Before You Accuse Me", "Molina" and the immortal "I Saw It On TV".

Guest star

The surprise quest artist, Mr. Michael Monroe (http://www.michaelmonroe.com/) of the former Hanoi Rocks band who covered "Up Around The Bend" in 1984, stepped on the stage during the latter part of the second set. With the Cajuns and the fantastic crowd, he sang a chapter of the most rocking part of the Creedence catalogue, including "Hey Tonight", "Up Around The Bend", and "Travelin' Band".

Cajun Cowboys played loud and clear. Bass player Pasi and drummer Peik comprised a reliable rhythm section and the guitarist Vito and the vocalist Jaska with his soulful voice ("Midnight Special") were more on the front.

Accoustic warm-up

Before Cajun Cowboys took the stage the audience enjoyed the accoustic warm up by the Swamp Duo, ie. Kari Huovinen (http://come.to/commotion/) and Esa Laukkanen (http://www.kolumbus.fi/
). The most interesting rendition of their set list was "Feelin' Blue" which is rarely performed by anybody. "A Hundred And Ten In The Shade" was beautiful.

The concert also featured exotic "Down On The Corner" played with kazoos by the Great Kazoo Combo.

Finnish John Fogerty Super Weekend

The Finnish John Fogerty Super Weekend also featured a rare concert by the Bad Moon Rising Band on their home crowd in Forssa, Vanaja Diesel (http://drive.to/Vanaja) in Kokkola and Kopot & Risat in Oulu.

Fogerty Fest Finland was largely covered by the newspapers and radio. Radio 100 (http://www.sata.fi/), the best FM broadcaster in Turku, devoted the whole day for Creedence Clearwater Revival and John Fogerty.

Cajun Cowboys.

Solo of
"Sweet Hitchhiker".

Mike Monroe doing "Up Around The Bend" as a guest artist.

The Swamp Duo wondering Have you ever seen the rain.