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John Fogerty Birthday Tribute In Finland

Fogerty Fest Finland 1999
Turns Out A Success

"Ramble Tamble" Live!
"It Came Out Of The Sky" Live!

Commotion played:

First Set:

  • Effigy
  • Susie Q
  • Bad Moon Rising
  • Lodi
  • Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
  • Wrote A Song For Everyone
  • On The Road Again
  • Have You Ever Seen The Rain
  • Blueboy
  • Burning Love

    Second Set:

  • Born On The Bayou
  • Fortunate Son
  • Ramble Tamble
  • Long As I Can See The Light
  • Midnight Special
  • Ooby Dooby
  • Eagle Ridin' Papa
  • Up Around The Bend
  • It Came Out Of The Sky
  • Mystery Train/Train Jam

    Third Set:

  • I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
  • Drink Up And Be Somebody
  • Memphis Tennessee
  • I Ain't Never
  • Gonna Have Love
  • Proud Mary
  • Green Green Grass Of Home
  • Cottonfields
  • I May Be Wrong
  • Funny How Time Slips Away


  • Travelin' Band
  • Johnny B Goode
  • Keep A-Knockin'

    Band line-up:

  • Kari Huovinen (guitar, vocals)
  • J.P. Mönkkönen (bass)
  • Tero Mikkonen (drums)
  • Special Guest: Ville Lefty Willie Leppänen (electric & steel guitar)

    The first and second set were professionally videotaped. You can also inquire the vinyl single of Commotion, "The Old Man Down The Road", the CD single "Eagle Ridin' Papa", and the rare Fest CD made for the tribute party, including "Ramble Tamble", "Mystery Train", "Proud Mary", and "I Ain't Never". Feel free to ask Kari Huovinen (EML: commotionband
    ) for this wonderful stuff.

    Comment Corner

    Robert Aerts from Belgium:

    "I drove through Germany, Denmark and Sweden to the Fest and not in vain. It was really exciting to hear such songs as "Ramble Tamble" and "It Came Out Of The Sky" live in the concert by Commotion. I want to thank the organizers and all I met for the friendship and hospitality. If ever possible I will be here again next year ..."

  • Swampy sounds in the North

    The World Premiere of Fogerty Fest Finland, a birthday tribute to John Fogerty, a legendary rocker and the frontman of the all-time greatest American rock and roll band Creedence Clearwater Revival, was hold in Helsinki, Finland, at Restaurant Wenla on 28 May.

    The fest gathered together almost one hundred John Fogerty ethusiastics from Finland, Denmark, Belgium and Holland. They were privileged to enjoy one of the best swampy gigs of the Finnish Commotion band, meet and talk with each other, swap some records and memorabilia and attend one of the most exciting CCR & John Fogerty Quizes ever hold in which Petra Schaap from Holland emerged triumphant.

    Hot Live Concert By Commotion

    The Country Rockin' Band, Commotion, stepped onto the stage at 9PM. Somebody heard through the grapevine that there might be a giant surprise as a concert opener but few could believe that would start with "Effigy", a gorgeous song from the CCR era that is rarely heard live in concerts!

    Simply, the concert was wonderful. The band had altered the arrangements of several classic John Fogerty songs to provide something completely new and exciting. Lefty Willie Leppänen peppered a couple of Creedence era songs, including "Have You Ever Seen The Rain", with juicy steel guitar licks in the spicy C & W mood.

    Burning Moose Revival

    Perhaps the best performance of the night was a rendition of "Blueboy". In the hands of Commotion, who has played no less than 500 gigs during the last decade, the song grooved like a burning moose and people danced on the floor not unlike in the Blues Brothers movie.

    Another highlight of the show was "It Came Out Of The Sky". The killer version by Commotion, which really blew your hair off, was quite near to the furious rendition that was heard by CCR at the closing concert of the Fillmore West on 7/4/71. And, of course, there was "Ramble Tamble", the absolute highlight of the night for many.

    Exciting Quiz

    Other activities of Fogerty Fest Finland featured a funny and exciting CCR & JCF Quiz. Questions included such inquiries as "With whom has John Fogerty not recorded music after the breakup of Creedence? A. Duane Eddy, B. Jerry Garcia, C. Tom Fogerty".

    After the incredibly tough competition the result scoreboard was finished: Petra Schaap from Holland won by a small margin, Robert Aerts from Belgium was second and Ville Leppänen third.

    The standard of the competitors was unbelievebly high and the precious prizes (Premonition CD, T-shirts, caps, posters, Commotion CD etc.) were certainly well deserved.

    The Finnish organizers plan to make the fest an annual tradition. They are looking forward to holding the follow-up of the tribute party again in the year 2000 on the 55th birthday of John Fogerty.

    Special thanks to Restaurant Wenla and their boss Ulla Sottinen for all her efforts to make this fest true.

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    Commotion photos by Jukka Leino. Robert Aerts photo by Leif Bagge.