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Top 50 Songs of
Creedence Clearwater Revival

Here is the scoreboard of international Creedence Song survey that was held on this site between 30 September and 15 December, 1995. 304 people participated. Each had to submit three greatest Creedence songs - not more. #1 got 4 points, #2 got 2 and #3 got 1 point.

The 304 contributors came from USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Belgium and Italy. Americans seemed to like "Proud Mary" and "Lodi", Finns "Fortunate Son" and "Travelin' Band".

51 songs were scored - nobody can say Creedence only had a couple of decent songs. Believe me, compiling of the list was extremely funny and interesting! Thanks!

I also edited and added a selection of people's grounds for their picks, ie. why they consider the song so madly good.

See also further Creedence song statistics basing on this survey.

1. Fortunate Son (242 pts.)

    • " I first saw CCR perform Fortunate Son on the Ed Sullivan Show in late 1969 and the power of the performance just knocked my socks off ... I was hooked on Creedence from that point on"
    • "sheer energy ... if I knew what makes a great song I'd write a few and not spend my mondays at the office ..."
    • "I just said to my brother that he should compose a better rock'n roll song than "Fortunate Son" and then come and tell me what is really ROCK'N ROLL! ... I just can't stop admiring that one of the most simpliest rhythm guitar riffs"
    • "In the Vietnam scene of the Forrest Gump movie, this song strikes like million volts"
    • "has a good run in the movie Forrest Gump ... it's message is one of love for a country going through a difficult time ... it also showes a love for the U.S. Armed Forces and those that not only talk the talk but walk the walk"
    • "not only has a great political message but the best guitar drum cohesiveness"
    • "gritty look at the class system in the U.S."
    • "was a song ahead of its time, but capable of lasting forever"
    • "during the summers before school would start my buddies and me would take every try to get together on the weekends, as we were not working, and go camping ... of course the preffered musical selection to set the right ambience was CCR! ... so, now evertime I hear the songs I mentioned above it brings back memories of carefree times ... times when everything was cool and it was just the buddies camping out"

2. Have You Ever Seen The Rain (153 pts.)

    • "unique to the C.C.R. experience; that is, I haven't heard anything else like (it) or with the same vitality from other groups, even covers of the songs"
    • "unquestionably fine lyrics and singing ability put together ... John Fogerty's voice is stirring, going high-pitch but totally in control"
    • "because of how the organ sounds ... remember hearing this on grandmother's radio as a child late at night as I faded off to sleep"
    • "was the first Creedence song I ever noticed on the radio, and the one that moved me to buy my very first rock album"
    • "sounds so good by Fogerty"
    • "good background song when you are thinking"

3. Bad Moon Rising (146 pts.)

    • "had to laugh out loud when it was being played in a werewolf movie as the star was changing into the wolf"
    • "the early rock and roll feel ... reminds me of the the first live band I ever saw at a fairground when I was 7 ... I'm sure they were playing this ... I probably thought to myself, 'all good rock bands should sound like this"
    • "had my entire family foot-stomping to the tune ... what a memory!"
    • "is a masterful mix og guitar and vocals ... it also is one of the best live CCR songs"
    • "love the opening guitar lick"
    • "best R'n'R song ever with classical chords in DAG ... also tells us John's feeling about Richard Nixon's decision to run for president"

4. Green River (136.5 pts.)

    • "everybody claimed Mark Twain's writing was a literary picture of all that is Americana ... I submit that Green River is the musical equivalent of this type of "catch-all" sample"
    • "a fantastic song ... a rasping voice singing nostalgic lyrics to a piece of great guitaring ... if anyone who hasn't heard the song happened to look at the lyrics, he would have imagined slow emotionally charged music for the song"
    • "makes me seriously nostalgic for the Bayou, and I've never even been there!"
    • "an upbeat tune that sounds like nothing else ever made by any other band"
    • "incredible guitar riff, it rocks"
    • "embodies the creativity, spirit, and energy which made CCR the best American rock band ... full of passion, energy, nostalgia, and hope for the future, not to mention good times"
    • "its quilt of subtly different electric guitar sounds, all nestling comfortably in Brer Tom's rich acoustic rhythm"
5. Lodi (134 pts.)
    • "warm and true song about John Fogerty's own life ... he have made a masterpices in this song... the sound is up-to-date and just the way it was that time"
    • "easy to relate to ... similar to the Jimmy Buffett themes of 'Gettin away'"
    • "the guitar riff"
    • "just a "simply story" and it's easy and fun to sing along"
    • "just a great drinking song"

6. Born On The Bayou (126 pts.)

    • "CCR at their HooDoo best ... tight, wild, bubbling swamp blues that exudes quintessential Creedence!"
    • "Gee man! This blows my brain. It has done it for 24 years now and it still does!"
    • "its just the feeling I get when I hear them ... they pack in so much in the way of human emotion, and define rock and roll ... actually, I feel its a little bogus of me because I love just about EVERYTHING they did ... their sound just cuts right to the heart of the matter, whatever it is"
    • "powerfully embodies the characteristisc of the band in its lyrics, and is the best song written in terms of their multiple instrumental arrangement ... it rocks, period"
    • "great guitar riffs, nothing beats talking about growing up in the country, having a hard working dad, a hound dog, and chooglin down to New Orleans"
    • "my papa was a paranoid son-of-gun too, God rest his Soul"

7. Proud Mary (118.5 pts.)

    • "brought a different dimension to rock music ... ironically soft music and, great lyrics (with John Fogerty's characterstic pronounciation) inspired a lot of other singers like Tina Turner (though she was too bad to be mentioned) and Tom Jones"
    • "one of the tunes which defines Rock"
    • "the only Creedence song that I can play"
    • "best rhythm guitar part in any CCR song, great guitar parts for John"
    • "it is America, it's the epitome of classic songs ... it's simple and addicting and almost everyone in the world knows it"
8. Who'll Stop The Rain (110 pts.)
    • "I love how the phrase, "Who'll stop the rain?" is sort of unique in how it stops right there and adds emphasis to the song's message"
    • "I love the line "clouds of mystery pouring confusion on the ground..." ... the song itself describes how everyman feels at one point or another in his life -- lost and scared"
    • "masterful song with Cosmo's drumming and John's impassioned vocals"
    • "kind of a mysterious sound to it, images of Vietnam and Woodstock"
    • "I kind of envy John, because I'm not able to do songs like that!"
    • "great drivin' tune when you're coming home from a road trip and mellowing out"
    • "sentimental value also-heard it after my grandfather died-a time when i pondered life and death and its' harsh implications for the first time"

9. Someday Never Comes (105 pts.)

    • "is a classic ballad ... it touches me every time that I hear it ... I always wonder -- could it be autobiographical" -Yes it is./site editor
    • "is a song that I read to my father and he loved it"
    • "has these great tempo-changes in it, which really fit the message it is trying to give"
    • "is such a meaningful song ... and John's voice just makes it even more moving ... he has that "orgasmic" sort of voice that just carries the song"
    • "not only about the father-son relationship but also a sad answer to the question whether the living Creedence members will play together again someday"

=10. Down On The Corner (90 pts.)

    • "gets people moving like no other CCR tune, and the concept of streetside musicians performing for fun is the best image any of us could have of CCR ... the drums at the end are the best"
    • "makes me just wanna pick up my harp and blow"
    • "reminded me of my family roots (poor ...), and gave me hope"
    • "just a plain old good"
    • "funky"

=10. I Heard Through The Grapevine (90 pts.)

    • "has been covered so many times by other lesser musicians, the only way this song has ever been sung effectivly is by Fogerty ... I think everyone has some ex- to whom they would love to sing this song ... it is the group's most successful song with any love theme"
    • "shows what a good song should have, not difficult to play guitar stuff, but just a sound that fits! ... sit down and let the solo take you to heigher places"
    • "though it's a cover song, it's definitely CCR ... so simple, so good! I just love that high D-note '...losin' YOU would...'"
    • "this song just rocks; play it on a hot summer day with a keg of beer, full volume ... a deadly song.."
    • "11 minutes of stunning guitar licks and energetic drumming, far better than original"
    • "my trousers get wet"

12. Travelin' Band (81 pts.)

    • "I once had a bunch of girls dancing in my dorm room after hearing me play various songs by CCR and they requested the song that started out with "737 COMING OUT OF THE SKY...", I knew it was Travelin' Band and they just went wild"
    • "the hardest rock'n'roll song ever made! ... listening to this is like sitting in an airplane that is steaming down the runway and is just about to take off"
    • "good loaded dancin' tune"
    • "belonged to the set list of my former band"
    • "this is the best when you are drunk and you play it loud"
13. Up Around The Bend (66 pts.)
    • "fine rocker ... I wouldn't want to meet the singer alone in a dark alley"
    • "from start to finish, this song just absolutely kicks my arse into next weekend ... has my absolute favorite guitar solo of all time in the middle ... it's short, but it's awesome!"
    • "has one of Creedence's greatest riffs I can sing along with it forever ... (even the Doo Doo's at the end)"
    • "leading intro says everything about R'n'R
    • "the guitarr solo is peeerfekt!"
    • "CCR - the best rock and roll band along The Hurriganes"

14. Suzie Q (59 pts.)

    • "I like their psychedelic sound better ... I remember seeing them in 1968 when they had one album out"
    • "the guitar solos"
    • "aura"
    • "excellant guitar work... great use of the technology of the day... hello?! doesn't anyone else like this song??? IT'S A CLASSIC"

15. Looking Out My Back Door (55 pts.)

    • "hey, I'm from Illinois, like Buck Owens and Cosmo's Factory was the first album I ever owned"
    • "the best light-hearted song in rock...always puts you in a good mood"
    • "just gives me the jibbers because it never actually begins ... the intro just goes on and on"
    • "has a funny and strange text to a nice tune"
    • "the song is so weird it is cool ... it's not about the same old stuff every group writes about"

16. Long As I Can See The Light (44 pts.)

    • "shows the restrained power that was one of John Fogerty's main assets as a performer"
    • "the best ballad through history

17. Run Through The Jungle (40 pts.)

    • "was the first time a rock band ever looked at Vietnam through the eyes of its real victim: the soldiers"
    • "gets me pumped up before sporting events"
    • " defining period song - VietNam - student unrest etc."
    • "is a little radical (song) and I'm a little radical myself"

18. Cottonfields (38 pts.)

    • "my family loves CCR, and we get together and play euchre we have the ccr cranked up, and our favorite sond to sing to is Cottonfields" "gets you feelin' high and happy"
    • "great accoustic guitar part, great country song"
    • " fun, country-type song you can't get out of your head"

19. Effigy (33 pts.)

    • "Learn to play "Effigy" on the guitar and the first time you pluck that low E it will be your favorite, too"
    • "the song always fills me with a sense of awe and wonder just at the talent of the last true great rock 'n' roll bands"
    • "it's basically everything that sucked in the 60's, put in a strange metaphorical way, and it totally rocks!"
    • " is a complicated, yet simple masterpiece of John Fogerty's work"
    • "the most mysterious of them all"

20. Midnight Special (28 pts.)

    • "lot of sentimental value-used to warm up to it before football games ... it really helped me think about what needed to be done, I guess that's kinda weird"
    • "was great in the Twilight Zone the movie ... it made the scene it was in awesome"
    • " its the key of CCR`s success as a real popular band"
    • "one of the best moody songs ever"

21. I Put A Spell On You (24 pts.)

    • "I just loved the guitar sound...made me learn to play guitar too"
    • "walks the fine line between control and madness ... the feeling that he's just not telling you all"
    • "the voice, and the whining guitar in the middle... brilliant!"
    • " a swirling mass of controlled violence .."

=22. Ramble Tamble (18 pts.)

    • "there's nothing else"
    • "has one of the best instrumental sections I've ever heard, I can't help but totally lose myself in that song every time I hear it ... more of that fine Fogerty guitar that I can't get enough of ... I'd like that song to last forever"
    • "just flat out rocks... it's just pure energy... especially when the song switches momentum near the end of the song, man, it's just hard to sit still when listening to this song! It's a great one that my girlfriend and I just love to listen to together, it just packs so much energy"
    • "I love to get REAL drunk and play it over and overandoverandoveran'overan'over...."
    • "loved it since the first time I heard it ... FANTASTIC SONG"

=22. Wrote Song For Everyone (18 pts.)

    • "just says what John did best ... the lyrics are great and soft, alluring tune is quite magestic"
    • "always makes me feel good when I'm down"
    • "brilliant acoustic performance"

24. Hey Tonight (16 pts.)

    • "I can't listen to the intro to "Hey Tonight" unless I turn it up and lose a small percentage of my hearing"

25. It Came Out Of The Sky (15 pts.)

    • "Was among the first songs my brother recorded with a cassette player (using a microphone in front of the speaker on the radio! So silence please...:) Has always been my favourite. It has good/funny lyrics and the rhythm makes a fat old man dance"
    • "if this don't move you, it's too late for CPR!"
    • "great summarisation of society in the story ... drums and lead guitar are excellent"
    • "has my fiancee's name in it, even if the person in the song is a male"

26. Pagan Baby (14 pts.)

    • "has great riffs and the best Creedence song ending"
    • "this kicks ass!"

=27. Ninety-Nine And A Half (13 pts.)

    • "Fogerty has the perfect raspiness in his voice"
    • "I love Wilson Pickett, but the CCR version can't be topped"

=27. Walk On The Water (13 pts.)

    • "Tom's rhythm guitar during the guitar solo"
    • "it's creepy, and unlike most of the other songs they did"

=29. Hideaway (Wish I Could) (12 pts.)

    • "it has it all! ... the right music, the right words. the right arrangement ... it not all rock but yet ..."
    • "full of emotional power"
    • "beautiful song, with touching lyrics"

=29. Keep On Chooglin' (12 pts.)

    • "rocks from beginning to end, I love the harmonica in the middle and John's screaming"
    • "you have to be careful when driving and listening to it, it's almost impossible not to speed when this song is playing!"

=29. Tombstone Shadow (12 pts.)

    • "they do it all on this one, great lyrics, perfect use of John's gritty voice, and this song contains the greatest one-note guitar solo on record!! ... one-note and John still makes it rock! ... Creedence flat out rules!!"
    • "excellent guitar work ... makes use of the talents of all four band members, especially John Fogerty"
    • "catchy rift and lyrics that I love more everytime I hear it"
    • "every day I could have three new favorites :)"

32. It's Just A Thought (11 pts.)

    • "I just can't get over how great a song this is ... it's like nothing CCR ever put out otherwise, and I LOVE the "all the years are passing by and by" part of each verse ... J.C. Fogerty has a much more melodic voice than you'd think"
    • "the best lyric and by far the most emotional, touching, and meaningful music"

33. Sweet Hitchhiker (10 pts.)

    • "perfect music to accompany the opening chapter of Tom Clancy's "Without Remorse", where Kelly is driving down the highway and picks up a hooker who's hitchhiking"
    • "is a prime example of the beautiful simplicity in CCR songs ... the solo in this song is so simple yet it fits so well and says so much ... to me, that is the beauty of Creedence"

34. Born To Move (9 pts.)

    • "fine mixure of music, text and rythme...I can enjoy the CCR a whole night long without getting bored ... they are just great, unique"
    • "illustrates the sheer soul that was the heart of Creedence"

35. Don't Look Now (8 pts.)

    • "has a great text and an easy tune"

=36. Commotion (6 pts.)

    • "a lot of blues"

=36. Feelin' Blue (6 pts.)

    • "the lyrics really hit home here, we all feel blue sometimes, it's good to see in John Fogerty that there's at least one celebrity who can relate to everyone"

=36. Good Golly Miss Molly (6 pts.)

    • "Listen to that voice, man! This is rock'n'roll!"
    • "the guitars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

=36. Penthouse Pauper (6 pts.)

    • "-Illustrates some of John's finest guitar work. especially when he says, "If I were a guitar player, Lord I'd have to play the blues." And then he starts playing the blues with the guitar, possibly my favorite Creedence moment. And the lyrics are some of my favorites John ever wrote."

=36. Poorboy Shuffle (6 pts.)

    • "I like songs that sounds something diferent, strange and they have a sound blues, I like blues"

41. What Are You Gonna Do (5 pts.)

=42. Bootleg (4 pts.)

    • "I love the acoustic guitar at the first, and then in the middle ... just an excellent tune, with great rhythm and fun lyrics"

=42. Chameleon (4 pts.)

=42. Cross-Tie Walker (4 pts.)

    • "have always given me chills when I listen ... is that wierd?"

=42. Molina (4 pts.)

=42. Night Time Is The Right Time (4 pts.)

    • "is an easy song to learn and it's fun to sing along"

47. Ooby Dooby (3 pts.)

48. Sinister Purpose (2 pts.)

    • " spooky... the guitar solo is like a bunch of wolves howling in the moonlight... it really gives you the creeps..."

=49. Sailor's Lament (1 pt.)

    • "has a repetitive baseline but somehow the CCR magic makes it set the tone for the song instead of making it all sound redundant ... but don't ask me how"

=49. Get Down Woman (1 pt.)

    • "just a killer blues song ... I especially like the introductory guitar solo"

=49. Working Man (1 pt.)

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