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"Premonition", a live album of John Fogerty was released in late May, 1998. It contains 18 songs, including ones he wrote for and performed with Creedence Clearwater Revival up to Blue Moon Swamp, plus the title song as a new tune written for the album. Here is how subscribers to John Fogerty Internet Mailing List heard the album.

John's voice has the strength and sound that only he can deliver and his guitar playing, well......noone can match him on either. "Premonition" is gonna rock you like only John Fogerty can. You won't be able to sit still while listening to this or any of the songs with the exception of "Joy of My Life" since that is an entirely different type of song. -Darlene Schwarz, USA

"Premonition" really does sound annoyingly close to "Jumpin' Jack Flash", IMHO. He could've kept the melody and changed that phrase and got away with it. Surprisingly sloppy guitar solo too, no overdubs here, it sure sounds live. Otherwise I'm really pleased, the part where the girls scream 'STOP!' is so cool! -Kimmo M.T. Kangas, Finland

"Premonition" - I love this song, probably because I've never heard "Jumpin Jack Flash" .. I think the Waters (particularly the female) are a little too loud on the part where they say "it's alright" -Dan Henricks, USA

His new song "Premonition" is once again a great song from him. But to me the style of the song is a little bit different to his other work, especially to what you can hear on "Blue Moon Swamp". It doesn't rock like I expected it would be based on = what I read so far. The sound of the song is strong and warm. --Manfred Petri, Germany

"Almost Saterday Night" - Cult Bootleg culture huh? I love the new one, the back up singers are great, I don't know who Julia Waters is, but I can listen to her sing any time... -Jerame Evans, USA

John's new versions of "Almost Saturday Night" and "Rockin' All Over the World" are hot, hot, hot, hot, hot ... have to both be released as singles along with "Premonition". With the Waters backup vocals to go along with John's lead singing on I truly got tears from happiness and proudness when listening to these songs and John's versions of his older hit songs. -Darlene Schwarz, USA

"Blue Moon Swamp" songs sound brand new all over again - "Swamp River Days" has a really cool almost raunchy kinda sound, his older songs from his beginning are more dynamic sounding than you can ever believe. Everything he has done before SOUNDS BETTER ON THIS CD than his originals. -Darlene Schwarz, USA

"Something was missing ..."

For me the show was pretty good especially "Premonition", "Almost Saturday Night", "Rockin' All Over the World", "Centerfield", "Old Man Down the Road", and all the "Blue Moon Swamp" songs. When it came to the CCR tunes something was missing. I just can't put my finger on it. I think JF was very tired or his voice was very strained. It just seemed not to be his best night. Many other nights I've heard him he was right on. Maybe it was the Suit & Tie crowd at the show?? Any way I like "Premonition". Easily should have been on BMS Great up tempo tune...........buy it you'll like it. -Alex, USA

While I'm at it, a word about his vocals. One the whole, great. He might be wearing down a bit by the end, but who cares. The big point of discussion seems to be his vocals on "Who'll Stop the Rain". I like what he does with it. Instead of singing it as just another one of his old songs, with the same force/volume as, say, "Bad Moon Rising", he sings it almost as a lament. -MJII, USA

Despite what I have read from other people I don't hear a big variance in John's voice. To me it's strong, but it sounds different in the various songs throughout his career on this CD. -Manfred Petri, Germany

"Susie Q", baby I love you... John's guitar work is better then ever hear, but from the begaining Kenny got on my nerves here. He was pounding to hard for this song IMO. He just seemed to be trying to shove the drum sicks through the drums, made me miss Doug. -Jerame Evans, USA

A song like "Southern Streamline", with all it's "guitarical" varieties, loses something live. Likewise, his new arrangement for "Rockin' All Over The World" I feel, is kind of like dumbing-down the song. Taking away some of the original licks of the song takes away from what made the song so good. Don't get me wrong. I like the song as done on "Premonition", I just miss what he took out. Granted, the original sound of a song can't totally be reproduced on stage, particularly a fairly complex song, more prominant use of the other musicians could add to the spirit of the original. -MJII, USA

"What really blowed me off ..."

What really blowed me off was John's guitar work on this album. His playing is so clear and strong as I never heard him playing before. He adds some notes here and there also which make the songs new and interesting again. --Manfred Petri, Germany

Wait till you hear the version here of "Down on the Corner" - there's a touch of funk to it that's sets you on fire. John's voice on "Who'll Stop the Rain" has a mellowness to it that will blow you away. He is so dag gone versatile that he still astounds me today after 30 years of rockin' with him. -Darlene Schwarz, USA

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