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Major Creedence Clearwater Revival Concerts, 1968-1972

Concert dates are based on the article "Dated History" in the book CCR: Illustrated Discography by Peter Koers.

Dino & Carlo's, San Francisco. In 1968, they played there each Tuesday.

Fillmore West, San Francisco 5/31-6/2/1968.

Fillmore West, San Francisco 7/2-4/1968.

Cow Palace, San Francisco 7/12/1968. w/Iron Butterfly, Vanilla Fudge, Canned Heat, Kai Moore, Sweet Rush, West, Sandy Bull and Wedge. Concert poster.

Fillmore West, San Francisco 8/13-18/1968.

Fillmore West, San Francisco 8/20-25/1968.

Fillmore West, San Francisco 9/19-21/1968.

Fillmore East, New York 10/11-12/1968.

San Francisco International Pop Festival, Alameda Co. Fairgrounds, Pleasanton CA 10/26-27/1968. w/Johnny Rivers, Jose Feliciano, Eric Burdon & The Animals, Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple, Canned Heat, and others. Concert poster.

Fillmore East, New York 12/20-21/1968.

Fillmore West, San Francisco 1/16-19/1969.

Fillmore West, San Francisco 3/13/1969. The set list consisted of at least the following songs: Guitar Jam - Ninety-nine And A Half - I Put A Spell On You - Keep On Chooglin'.

Fillmore East, New York 3/21-22/1969.

Santa Clara Fairgrounds, Santa Clara CA 4/26/1969. w/Smokestack Lightning, People and Wild Honey. Concert poster.

Grande Ballroom, Detroit 5/2-3/1969. Concert handbill.

Fillmore West, San Francisco 5/22-25/1969.

Fillmore East, San Francisco 5/1969. At least: Born On The Bayou - Walkin' On The Water - Bootleg - Lodi - Bad Moon Rising - Proud Mary - Ninety-Nine And A Half - I Put A Spell On You.

Winterland Arena, San Francisco 5/29/1969.

Newport Pop Festival, Northridge California 6/2/1969.

Mile High Stadium, Denver Pop Festival 6/27/1969.

Devonshire Downs CA 6/28/1969.

Fairfax VA 7/2/1969 or Fillmore West 7/2/1969.

Atlanta Pop Festival 7/4/1969.

Mobile 7/5/1969.

Tampa 7/6/1969.

Seattle WA 7/11/1969.

Vancouver WA 7/12/1969.

Portland OR 7/13/1969.

Fillmore East, New York 7/18-19/1969.

Olympia Auditorium 7/26/69 w/Savage Grace, The Box Tops, James Gang.

Atlantic City Pop Festival 8/2/1969.

Singer Bowl NY.

Woodstock Music & Art Fair, Woodstock NY 8/15/1969. Born on the Bayou - Green River - 99 and ˝ - Commotion - Bootleg - I Put a Spell on You - Bad Moon Rising - Proud Mary - Night Time is the Right Time - Keep on Chooglin’ - Suzie Q

Chicago Auditorium Theatre 8/?/1969. Born On The Bayou - Green River - Ninety-Nine And A Half - Bootleg - Commotion - Bad Moon Rising - Proud Mary - I Put A Spell On You - Night Time Is The Right Time - Keep On Chooglin'.

Oakland Arena 1/31/1970. Released as their "Concert" album in 1980.

De Doelen, Rotterdam, Holland, two concerts 4/11/1970.

Grugahalle Essen, Germany 4/12/1970.

Royal Albert Hall, London 4/14/1970.

Royal Albert Hall, London 4/15/1970. Born on the Bayou - Green River - Tombstone Shadow - Travelin Band - Fortunate Son - Commotion - Midnight Special - Bad MoonRising - Proud Mary-Night Time is the Right Time - Good Golly Miss Molly - Keep on Chooglin’.

Tennishalle, Stockholm, Sweden 4/17/1970. Report. Concert review released in Aftonbladet (Swedish newspaper) 4/18/70.

KB-Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark 4/20/1970.

Berlin Sportpalast 4/22/1970.

Olympia Theatre, Paris, France 4/24/1970.

Vancouver, Canada 5/1/1970.

Coliseum Center, Seattle WA 5/2/1970.

New York NY 5/13/1970.

Philadelphia PA 5/15/1970.

Denver CO 5/23/1970. Report

Dallas TX 7/10/1970.

Houston TX 7/11/1970.

Cleveland OH 7/17/1970.

Cobo Arena, Detroit MI 7/17/1970. w/Booker T & the Mgs.

Miami FL 8/1/1970.

Benefit concert, New York Shea Stadium 8/?/1970.

Benefit concert, Fillmore West, San Francisco 8/?/1970.

Jacksonville FL 8/14/1970.

Miami FL 8/15/1970.

Las Vegas NV 8/28/1970.

Los Angeles Forum 8/29/1970. Run To The Jungle - I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Tombstone Shadow - Fortunate Son - Commotion - Midnight Special - Bad Moon Rising - Proud Mary - Ooby Dooby - Up Around The Bend.

Boston MA 9/18/1970.

Maple Leafs Garden, Toronto, Canada 9/19/1970.

Honolulu HA 10/3/1970.

Closing Of Fillmore West, San Francisco 7/4/1971. Born on the Bayou - Green River - It Came out of the Sky - Door to Door - Travelin Band - Fortunate Son - Commotion - Lodi - Bad MoonRising - Proud Mary - Up Around the Bend - Hey Tonight - Sweet Hitchhiker.

Amphitheatre, Chicago IL 7/5/1971. Report.

Chicago IL 7/10/1971.

Cobo Arena, Detroit MI 7/11/1971. w/Bo Diddley, Tower Of Power.

Cincinnati OH 7/13/1971. Report.

Syracuse NY 7/14/1971.

Providence 7/15/1971.

Boston Garden 7/16/1971.

Forest Hill Music Festival, New York NY 7/17/1971.

Charlotte 7/19/1971.

Memphis TN 7/21/1971.

Assembly Center, Tulsa OK 8/?/1971.

Hirsch Memorial Colisseum, Shreveport LA 8/3/1971. Report

Loyola University, New Orleans LA 8/4/1971.

Coliseum, Houston TX 8/5/1971.

Hemishphere Arena, San Antonio TX 8/6/1971. Report.

Wil Rogers Coliseum, Fort Worth TX 8/7/1971.

Memorial Coliseum, Dallas TX 8/8/1971.

Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis MO 8/10/1971.

Wichita State University Coliseum 8/11/1971.

Fairgrounds Arena, Oklahoma OK 8/12/1971.

Manchester, UK, two concerts 9/1/1971.

Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, Holland, two concerts, 9/10/1971.

Kongresshalle, Frankfurt, Germany, two concerts, 9/13/1971. Report

Deutschlandhalle, Berlin 9/15/1971.

Ernst Merck Halle, Hamburg, Germany 9/17/1971.

KB-Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark 9/19/1971.

Tennishallen, Stockholm, Sweden 9/21/1971.

Sportpaleis, Antwerpen, Belgium 9/24/1971.

Royal Albert Hall, London 9/27/1971.

Royal Albert Hall, London 9/28/1971.

Maui HA 10/?/1971.

Forum, Los Angeles CA, two concerts 10/15/1971.

Coliseum Center, Seattle WA 10/21/1971.

Memorial Coliseum, Portland OR 10/22/1971.

Coliseum Oakland CA 10/?/1971.

Western Spring Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand 2/8/1972. Report. REVIEW: "John Fogerty growled out the words with a magnificent, gritty voice --- He played guitar with gusto, thrashing outchords or squeezing single note runs from his fretboard. Creedence played well, but for some reason that electric atmosphere which lifts a concert being an event to remember just wasn't there." (Mike Stock, The Auckland Star, via Worldwide CCR Fan Club Magazine #44).

Brisbane, Australia 2/11/1972.

Randwick Racecourse, Sydney, Australia 2/13/1972.

Melbourne, Australia 2/15/1972.

Melbourne, Australia 2/16/1972.

Apollo Stadium, Adelaide, Australia 2/17/1972.

Apollo Stadium, Adelaide, Australia 2/18/1972.

Subiaco Oval, Perth, Australia 2/20/1972.

Aichiken-Taikuken, Nagoya, Japan 2/25/1972.

Kaseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan, two concerts 2/28/1972.

Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan 2/29/1972.

Cincinnati OH 4/12/1972. Guest musician's memoirs.

Shreveport LA 4/15/1972.

Monroe LA 4/16/1972.

Jacksonville FL 4/18/1972.

Orlando FL 4/19/1972.

West Palm Beach FL 4/20/1972.

Miami FL 4/21/1972.

Winston-Salem NC 4/23/1972.

Athens GA 4/24/1972.

Minneapolis MN 5/5/1972.

Duluth MN 5/7/1972.

Des Moines IO 5/9/1972.

Lincoln NB 5/10/1972.

Kansas City MO 5/12/1972.

Little Rock AR 5/13/1972.

Houston TX 5/15/1972.

Dallas TX 5/15/1972.

El Paso TX 5/18/1972.

Salt Lake City UT 5/20/1972.

Denver CO 5/22/1972.

Tom Fogerty's wedding, Berkeley CA 11/1980.

20th reunion of the Class of '63 El Cerrito High, El Cerrito CA 11/1983.

... and that's it.

Song line-ups, reviews and concert date additions are highly welcome! Send your contribution here.

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