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Tom Fogerty Top 82

After quitting CCR in early 1971, Tom Fogerty began his solo career. He recorded eight albums but failed to achieve major commercial success. He died in 1990.

In late 1999, members of the Worldwide CCR Fan Club ranked the Tom Fogerty songs of his solo era and here's the scoreboard with liner notes and comments by voters.

1. Joyful Resurrection (Zephyr National)

  • According to the survey among the fan club members, the best Tom Fogerty song´is "Joyful Resurrection". The victory was undisputable; none of his other songs could even challenge this CCR sounding highlight on the "Zephyr National" album.
  • Upbeat, happy, catchy song that could easily pass as a CCR song.
  • Reportedly, lead guitar on this song was played by Stu Cook.

    2. Forty Years (Excalibur)

  • One of the few surprises on the scoreboard.
  • "Life is shit -- and then you die, this is one of those songs."

    3. Goodbye Media Man (non-albumed single)

  • With organ etc., the song reminds much the general sound spectre of the "Pendulum" album. It would be interesting to know whether TF wanted this one for the "Pendulum" album of CCR
  • The song was released only as a single in spring 1971.

    4. Goin' Back To Okeefenokee (Zephyr National)

  • A driving shuffle closing the "Zephyr National" album.
  • "The dueling between keyboards & guitar is great."

    5. Mystic Isle Avalon (Zephyr National)

  • "Mystic Isle Avalon" might be regarded a one of the few Creedence sounding songs in the catalogue of TF.
  • Reportedly, it's the one and only lead guitar part of JF on the album.

    6. It's Been A Good Day (Zephyr National)

  • Relaxed opening track of the "Zephyr National" album.

    7. Give Me Another Trojan Song (Myopia)

  • A compelling pseudo-reggae opening the "Myopia" album.
  • Arguably, the song nicely borrows some elements of Ricky Nelson's "Hello Mary Lou".

    8. Champagne Love (Deal It Out)

  • Catchy opening song composed by Doug Clifford.

    9. The Legend of Alcatraz (Tom Fogerty)
    10. Mystery Train (Deal It Out)
    11. What Did I Know (Myopia)
    12. Black Jack Jenny (Excalibur)
    13. Real Real Gone (Deal It Out)
    14. Beauty Is Under The Skin (Tom Fogerty)
    15. Straight And Narrow (Excalibur)
    16. Sweet Things To Come (Myopia)
    17. Sloop John B (Sidekicks)
    18. Showdown (Myopia)
    19. Heartbeat (Zephyr National)
    20. Judy Lee (non-albumed single)
    21. Money (Zephyr National)
    22. Lady Of Fatima (Tom Fogerty)
    23. Deal It Out (Deal It Out)
    24. (Hold On) Annie Mae (Excalibur)
    25. Rocky Road Blues (Excalibur)
    26. Cast The First Stone (Tom Fogerty)
    27. Tricia Suzanne (Deal It Out)
    28. There Was A Time (Myopia)
    29. Wondering (Tom Fogerty)
    30. Sign Of The Devil (Excalibur)
    31. Sick And Tired (Excalibur)
    31. Train To Nowhere (Tom Fogerty)
    33. Sha La La La (Myopia)
    33. Hot Buttered Rum (Zephyr National)
    35. Singin' The Blues (Rock And Roll Madness)
    35. Running Back To Me (Ruby)
    37. What About Tomorrow (Myopia)
    38. Can You Feel It, Ras (Zephyr National)
    39. Mistreater (Rock And Roll Madness)
    40. Woman Of The Year (Sidekicks)
    41. My Pretty Baby (Tom Fogerty)
    42. The Secret (Deal It Out)
    43. And I Love You (Myopia)
    43. Everyman (Tom Fogerty)
    43. Sometimes (Sidekicks
    46. Faces Places People (Excalibur)
    47. It's Gonna Be You (Rock And Roll Madness)
    47. Rainbow Carousel (Sidekicks
    47. Run With Your Love (Rock And Roll Madness)
    50. Life Is But A Dream (Ruby)
    51. Why Me (Deal It Out)
    52. Summer Night (Deal It Out)
    53. Take Me Back To London (Ruby)
    54. Open The Window (Deal It Out)
    55. Clearwater Rain (Sidekicks
    56. Get Up (Myopia)
    57. BART (Ruby)
    58. Unbearable Lightness Of Being (Sidekicks)
    59. Teardrops (Sidekicks)
    60. Slippin' And Slidin' (Ruby)
    61. Baby What You Want Me To Do (Ruby)
    61. It's Taking A Long Time (Ruby)
    61. Dance All Night (Rock And Roll Madness)
    61. Evergreen In Mexico (Rock And Roll Madness)
    61. Take A Little More Time (Rock And Roll Madness)
    66. Here Stands The Clown (Tom Fogerty)
    66. Make Love to You (Rock And Roll Madness)
    68. Big Fat Woman (Ruby)
    68. The Me Song (Tom Fogerty)
    68. Money Buys It (Sidekicks
    68. Reggie (Zephyr National)
    68. Starry Eyed (Ruby)
    68. Take Me Higher (Rock And Roll Madness)
    68. You Move Me (Deal It Out)
    75. Can You Really Say (Ruby)
    75. Fate (Zephyr National)
    75. Get Funky (Excalibur)
    75. King Arthur's March (Rock And Roll Madness)
    75. Next In Line (Excalibur)
    75. Theme From Four-D (Myopia)
    75. Video Girl (Sidekicks)
    75. We've Been Here Before (Sidekicks)

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