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CCR & John Fogerty Tribute Bands

Here are some CCR and John Fogerty tribute bands and artists. If you want your band or album mentioned on this list, contact the site host here.


  • Bad Moon Rising. Released a live tape (1996). For more information: Bad Moon Rising, PL 120, FIN-30101 Forssa, Finland.
  • Cajun Cowboys. Released an unofficial CD. For more information: Jaakko Hautaviita (email)

  • Cajun Cowboys on stage. 

  • Commotion. Released a single "Old Man Down The Road" (1990) and a tribute CD-EP of Fogerty Fest Finland (1999). 500 gigs since 1990. More on the official Commotion WWW site.
  • Rawhead. Released a CD single, including "Old Man Down The Road" (1998). 
  • Remington. Released a CD, with three John Fogerty covers. More.
  • VanajaDiesel. Released their first album "VanajaDiesel Plays Creedence Clearwater Revival" in 2000. (official VanajaDiesel Site)
  • Sweden

  • Back On Stage. Recorded "Lookin' Out My Backdoor". More.
  • Norway

  • Dulpan & Hakan RRC. Released "Kjörer Creedence" (1997). 
  • Germany

  • Creedence Revival Band (Munich). Released CDs.
  • Holland

  • Rene Innemee & Revival Band (also known as Creedence Revival Band, not be confused with the German one). Released two critically acclaimed live CDs, featuring eg. "Hideaway". More info from Will Dumont (email).

  • Rene Innemee, the head of Creedence Revival Band. Photo courtesy by Peter Koers, Worldwide CCR Fan Club


  • Revival. Released a CD titled "Rock On The Bayou". They do gigs in Northern France and Belgium. More from Xavier Damoisy (email).
  • Canada

  • Bayou Boys. Toured Finland in autumn 1999
  • Uruguay

  • Julio Lupo. Released "Bestia Solitaria" (tape, 1998). Including "Clearwater Tears", a tribute to Tom Fogerty. More information from Julio Lupo (email
  • Australia

  • Cajun Country Revival. They even look like original CCR members. More >>

    Various Tribute Albums

  • John Fogerty: Wrote A Song For Everyone (Rubber Rabbit Rock'n'Roll Records 5R0196). The album features new versions of 14 John Fogerty tunes performed by 15 artists from Finland, USA, England, and Australia. The album was released by Rubber Rabbit Rock'n'Roll Records in February 1996. Song line-up: 
  • 1. Jolly Jumpers (FIN): Fly Away
    2. Girl Trouble (USA): Commotion
    3. DM3 (AUS): Sweet Hitchhiker
    4. Psyclone Rangers (USA): Effigy
    5. Steve Hooker (UK): Run Through The Jungle
    6. Going Public (FIN): Don't Look Now
    7. Peter Zaremba (USA): Cross-Tie Walker
    8. The Outsideinside (USA): Up Around The Bend
    9. Al Perry & The Cattle (USA): Fortunate Son
    10. New Duncan Imperials (USA): Hey Tonigt
    11. Barefoot Brothers (FIN): Gloomy
    12. Screaming Thunders (FIN): Back On The Hills
    13. Coal Porters (UK): Who'll Stop The Rain
    14. Steve Wynn: Graveyard Train
    15. Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver (USA): Hey Tonight

  • Throwing Nickles, another garage-like CCR tribute was released in summer 1998. For more information about the CD-EP, check out their label (WWW). 
  • German ZYX Records released another Creedence "tribute" album called A Tribute To Creedence Clearwater Revival (ZYX 55054-2) in 1996. Here's a list of songs on it: 
  • 1. Six was nine: Born on the bayou
    2. Jerry Lee Lewis: Bad moon rising
    3. Stray Cats: Looking out my backdoor
    4. Smokie: Have you ever seen the rain?
    5. Georgia Satellites: Run through the jungle
    6. Alabama: Green river
    7. Red Rooster: A tribute to CCR (side o' the road)
    8. The Brandos: Walking on the water
    9. Tom Jones: Lodi
    10. Screamin'Jay Hawkins: I put a spell on you (original)
    11. Emmylou Harris: Bad moon rising
    12. Pure Jade Green: Bootleg
    13. The Ventures: Who'll stop the rain/Bad Moon Rising
    14. The Cactus Brothers: Lodi
    15. Rick Nelson: Almost saturday night
    16. The Brandos: Green river
    17. The Brandos: Sinister purpose
    18. Molly Hatchet: Penthouse pauper
    19. Robert Vaughn and the Dead River Angels: Have you ever seen the rain?
    20. Ike and Tina Turner: Proud Mary

  • Purple Velvet: Tribute to Creedence Clearwater Revival(1972) (cover artworks)
  • Gemini 100: Greatest Hits of Creedence Clearwater Revival (1972) (cover artworks)
  • Kari Peitsamo Revival: Jokivarren jytäorkesteri (Finland, 1982).
  • Kari Peitsamo Revival: Pieni suuri show (Finland, 1983). 
  • It Came Out Of The Swamp (Australia, 2000). Tribute CD featuring cover versions of CCR and John Fogerty songs by various bands around the world. More >>
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