Who is Jesus?
There is only one true God
God is greater than Jesus
God and Jesus are one
Only God can forgive sins?
Did Thomas say Jesus is God?
Was Jesus good?
Son of God
Jesus was in the beginning
Does Jesus call himself with Gods name?
Mediator, Counselor
High priest
Is Jesus third person of God?

Who is disciple of Jesus?
Baptism of the Holy Spirit
Remains in the word of Jesus
Mutual love
A born-again child of God

Who will be saved?
Repentance and improvement
What faith means?
Does works have any meaning?
What is hell?

How should disciple of Jesus live?
Law of Moses
Owning slaves?
Don’t judge
Dining rules
Second Commandment
New Commandment


Why should you believe?
Is Bible contradictory?

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Are you a disciple of Jesus? Do you know what it means? How should Jesus' disciples live? Who or what is Jesus? Is your understanding based on Bible, or someone else’s interpretation of Bible?

There are lots of question about this subject, but it seems to me that there are not many answers, which are well justified with Bible. Because discipleship is defined in Bible, it would be good, if peoples would know better what it says.

The problem with this subject is that often the answers are too much influenced with someone’s own interpretations. The intention may have been clear teaching from Bible, but easily it can be corrupted with own ideas. Also in this site and in these writings can be seen writers own point of view. Don’t let it blur too much of that what Bible tells in those parts that have been gathered in here.

Reason for this is not that I could get money and my own followers. This has been made so that you could answer better are you disciple of Jesus or do you want to be. This is also to help peoples to know better what Bible teaches about these topics of Christianity.

The idea has been that all writing here is congruent with the Bible. However all readers should think themselves, what is the truth, and whether the text in accordance with the views of the Bible or not. Here is only a small part of what the Bible tells and that’s why it is advisable to read also the Bible as a whole.

I hope this helps you to find answers to questions in the beginning and also to other questions that are related to Christianity.

Instead, test everything. Hold on to what is good, but keep away from every kind of evil.
First Epistle to the Thessalonians 5:21

Roope Berg

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This is translated, shortened and improved version from book “Oletko Jeesuksen opetuslapsi?”.


14.10.2012 additions:
Biblical geology
- How earth was formed
- The great flood

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Additions from my books 2 version, which has now also been published in English

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