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Richard's Home Page - updated 12.10.2009


Welcome to my home pages, here you'll find some stuff about me, my job, my travels and the country where I live (Finland).

I am originally from England and I lived there until I was 33. By then I had fallen sucessively in love with American, Canada, Sweden and then Finland. Finally I decided I had had enough of England (and just dreaming about living somewhere else) and followed my heart to Finland. Now I live just outside Helsinki. I work for Nokia (Finland's largest company) and write software for various telecom related projects. I mostly work in Finland but do travel around the world to install and support the software. Recent trips have been to St Petersburg, India and back to merry old England.

Since I moved to Finland things have changed a lot for me, the TV no longer holds such an attraction, and I am more often to be found enjoying the countryside or museums. Even the car has changed, a BMW instead of a Saab!

Enough about me already .. here are some things I have written (and said) about life in finland, traveling and about 101 other things ....

What's it like living in Helsinki and Finland ? Read this article I wrote for The Observer in England or Listen to this interview I did for the BBC in London.

If you promise to be tidy you can visit my house in Finland.

Bad boy, Bad: What not to do when you live in Finland

Read my CV to find out even more about me.

Driving in Finland - what's it like to drive in Finland and why are there so many accidents?

Email: yes i've got one of those - click here to find it

Travels and Adventures

I have so many travels and adventures that one web site isn't big enough for them so follow the links to some thing about my travels.

To get you started here are some of the highlights of my travels:

But there's lots more at virtual tourist and i'm adding more stuff all the time.

What else do I do ?

  • Take loads of photos with my digital camera - there are lots on the travels section, a nice PC to edit and "fix" them is great too.
  • Ski: Utah, Canada, Sweden and Finland (once all in the same year !!)
  • Scuba dive
  • Enjoy the restaurants and culture of Helsinki

Favourite things and places ?

  • Helsinki. Naturally since I now live and work there.
  • Tamminiementien kahvila and Villa Angelica - two fantastic cafes near Seurasaari in Helsinki. Not cheap (if you have to ask the price .. then you can't afford it)
  • Finland generally. (click here for a list of favourite finnish links)
  • National Gallery of Art East, Washington DC
  • The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Manila - my favourite hotel - it used to be one in Helsinki but not much call to stay in hotels in my home town !
  • Moomins and the other inhabitants of Finland
  • A walk in the snow on a sunny winter day when it's -20 outside .. followed by mug of hot chocolate and sauna.
  • Sex and the City - now totally addicted - although it's called "single life" in finnish.. no idea why, what is wrong with the original title?


  • Watching sportzzzzz
  • Soccer (Football), Ice Hockey or any other spectator sport.
  • Overcrowded small dull grey countries with a high crime rate (like England !!)
  • Sitting in economy class for 14 hours on a business trip to asia .. corporate cost cutting .. you've got to love it.

Car Talk

Here is my current car, its the second BMW i've owned and this time a diesel one which makes it really fast and amazing fuel economy (average 50mpg or 5.7l/100km)


This was my last Saab, a red 9-5 which was nice but I'll never buy a car with leather seats again. Hot in the summer and cold in the winter ! Never again !!

This Silver car was my first Saab, I had it for three years when living in England. Unlike most english cars it had heated seats which were a constant source of comment .. "you don't need heated seats in England".

As well as the extensive audio system there was a "TrafficMaster" .. a little LCD display to show where the traffic jams on the british motorways are ... well more like show you the 20km to clear motorway since the whole network is jammed .. except between the hours of 0200 and 0400 when you have a bit of space to yourself.

In my previous life as all round technical geek I wrote the Saab 900/9-3 Audio Guide; everything you need to know about the audio system in the Saab .. well share the knowledge that's what I say.

Here is my first finnish car.. it's similar to the silver one but it doesn't overtake as fast. This is no problem in finland since there is so little traffic that you only need to overtake another car about once per week

It has two sets of tires (summer and winter) and the steering wheel is unfortunately on the wrong side which has taken some getting used to .. believe me .. now i'm used to it .. they even drive on the wrong side in finland .. but so few other cars on the road mean my odd mistake of driving on the left does not end up in disaster !

During winter you have to plug this car in at night and it keeps warm, there is even a little electric fan heater in it so it's nice and cosy from the minute you start it up .. are we pampered or what ?

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