These pages are a guide to audio systems in the Saab 900 and 9-3 series, they describe what you get as standard, what you might upgrade, what new equipment to choose, how to install it and some of the experiences I have had upgrading the audio system in my SAAB 900 TSE (1996) and then the same thing to my Finnish Saab 9-3 (2.0t). Use the menu on the left to find out more about the electronics packed in the tunk of my Saab ....

Points to note about Richard's SAAB Audio Guide

The descriptions are based on Saab 900's sold in the UK market and 9-3's sold in Finnish market, the level and type of equipment provided for other markets may differ as may the availability and model numbers of the third party equipment described.

The 900 is now replaced by the 9-3 and there are some differences. The head unit is Clarion in the 900 and Pioneer in the newer 9-3's and it is not possible to fit a non-Saab changer to the 9-3, but since the body panels are the same, the speakers and placement are still be the same, so is the pre-out for the head unit.

If you need more information about working on the Saab 900 or 9-3, there is a new Haynes service manual available for the 900 (which is also good for the 9-3 since they are so similar). You can order this book now though

I am not affiliated with Saab or any audio manufacturer or distributor and I offer these pages as a guide to other Saab owners. You should be especially careful when wiring in new components as the high currents involved can cause fires/damage to existing equipment if incorrectly installed. If you are uncertain, please consult a Saab dealer/audio system installer. For you legal eagles I live in England and the personal judgments you read here are similar to reviews in other UK based publications, so no US-style lawsuits please.

Your comments are welcome/Help wanted

If you have any comments about the audio guide please mail me. If you have any extra information you would like to see incorporated in the guide or have any advice to share, please drop me a line.

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