Tube amp workshop Kevin O'Connor's tube amp workshop in Helsinki 2004
Duncan amps Excellent pages for DIY people, lot of tube data and schematics
Schematic heaven Schematics
Aiken Amplification Good tips for DIY people
Ampage Schematics
Cool schematics Schematics
Thomann Music shop in Germany, Sovtek tubes
Ampwares FFG Among others Fender schematics and layouts
Geofex tube amp pages Tube amp information
Hoffman Amplifiers Tube amplifier parts
Adam's Amps DIY amp page
Mach Mat Schematics
Antique Electronic Amp parts
Kitarapaja Vintage amps and Guitars in Helsinki
Custom Sounds Weber and Jensen speakers in Helsinki
Musiikkitarvike Kimmo Salminen Tube amplifier parts in Finland
Ural Tone Tube amplifier parts in Finland
Partco OY Electrical components in Helsinki
Blue Guitar Schematics and articles on amps
Hasse Walli One of the Finnish top guitarist
Guitar Hucksters Guitar and amp hucksters in Southern Finland
Old amps German vintage amps
Marshall Marshall schematics
Benboom Classy pages handling different themes like music and amps
Kitaramaailma Finnish guitar and amplifier site
Panek records Full service recording studio in Porkkala, Kirkkonummi