My name is Risto Kivioja. I'm living with my family in a little village in southern Finland about 35 km west of Helsinki. I'm owner of Rikstone amplifiers company.

I'm interested in old things like old American cars, vintage guitars, old amplifiers etc. I like early rock & roll, country and rockabilly music from 50's when the first amplifiers were used with "modern" electric guitars. There are lot of good music done after that but today's popular music is mainly based on that time. You can hear some steps to new directions already in the music of middle 60's.  Listen for instance when The Beatles plays Berry's Rock & Roll Music or Leiber & Stoller's Kansas City, new sounds and tempo can be noticed but the old style is still there. 

I have built several tube amps based on old schematics like VOX, Marshall, Fender, Gibson, Matchless etc. I also play guitar and like to develop my amps further in order to find the final and ideal sound. I know that this day will never come but it doesn't matter, the most important is that I feel well with my hobby.

Thank You for visiting my hobby pages. If you are interested in tube amps please contact me.

Hard Rock Café, Myrtle Beach, SC