The Rikstone C25g is based on Gibson GA-50  from late 40's. The original model had inputs both for a mircophone and instruments. This amp is aimed for Jazz.

Technical data:

Inputs: 1 instrument input
Output: 16, 8  and 4 Ohm
Controls: VOLUME, BASS, TREBLE, Rectifier selector (SS or Tube)
Tubes: 1 x 6SJ7, 2 x 6J5, 2 x 6L6 and 1 x 5V4G
PT: Uraltone TV18
CHOKE: Hammond 159M
OT: Hammond 1750P
Rectifier: Switchable 5V4G and SS
Speakers: WGS G12C/S and WGSG8C
Schematic Gibson GA-50