This is an AB-class amp with four EL34s. The preamp is a general type used in many vintage amps. The preamp part includes a tremolo which is based on Fender Vibro Champ.  The power amp is my own design. Since the amp runs very hot the fan is a must. 
Hasse Walli who is one of the Finnish top guitarist has participated in the development of this amp. Hasse's long experience as a guitarist and musician  has helped me to find the great sound that this amp provides. Big thanks to Hasse.

Technical data:

Inputs: 2 x Tremolo channel, 2 x Normal channel, Power Amp In
Outputs: 2 x 16, 8 or 2 x 8 and 4, Line out, Pre Amp out
Controls: GAIN (Normal channel)
Capacitor switch (Tremolo channel) 
TREBLE (Tremolo channel)
BASS (Tremolo channel)
Tremolo ON/OFF (push-pull switch)
Tremolo DEPTH
Tremolo SPEED
Tremolo Cut Off jack
CUT (common)
MASTER VOL (common)
MASTER VOL By-Pass switch
Low/High Power switch
STAND-BY switch
PT: Uraltone
FT: Toroidal 6V 50VA
OT: Hammond 1650T 120W
Schematics: PowerSupply
PowerSupply (fixed bias version)
PreAmp (fixed bias version)
PowerAmp (fixed bias version)