The Rikstone H30 is an A class head amplifier with cathode bias. The amplifier part is based on VOX AC30 top boost channels. This amp is totally renewed. I have rebuilt the circuit and replaced the critical parts with high quality componets. The traditional VOX tone stack has been changed to Baxandall stack in the normal channel. The amp has also got a new look with new faceplates, cabinet corners and knobs.  The sound is really great!
Since the amp runs quite hot a fan is a must.

Technical data:
Inputs: 2 x Normal, 2 x Brilliant, Power Amp In
Outputs: 16 and 8 Ohm, Pre Amp Out, Line out
Controls: GAIN, BASS, TREBLE (Normal channel)
GAIN, BASS, TREBLE (Brilliant channel)
STAND-BY switch
Tubes: 4 x 12AX7, 4 x EL84
PT: 230V/280V/250mA
FT: 6,3V/6A
OT: 4000/16/8 Ohm
Rectifier:  Diode bridge
Schematics: PowerSupply
User's Guide: The latest model (in Finnish only)