This head consists of two channels and a spring reverb. The a-channel preamp is based on 12AX7s and b-channel on one EF86. The power amp is based on VOX AC30/Matchless DC30. The reverb can be switched either to a- or b-channel by using a foot pedal or toggle switch.

Actually there are 4 different amps in one box: VOX AC30, Matchless DC30, VOX AC15 and Matchless Lightning. Futhermore there is a reverb using a long 3-spring tank which is driven by tubes.

Technical data:

Inputs: a-channel High/Low
b-channel High/Low 
Outputs: 16 and 8 Ohm
Controls: Reverb a/b switch
  Reverb VOL
Volume 1 Volume 2 Bass Treble (a-channel)
Volume Bass Treble (b-channel)
Master VOL
  Stand-by switch
Power On/Off
  Reverb by-pass
  Reverb control (back)
  Volume 2 control (back)
  High/Low Power switch (back)
Rectifier: Semiconductor diodes
Tubes: 1 x EF86, 5 x 12AX7, 4 x EL84
Reverb tank Accutronics 3-Springs tank #9AB3C1B