This project has been executed in co-operation with Samuli Relander who made his thesis regarding amplifier design for the  Helsinki University of Art and Design

The thesis focused on artistic design of a guitar amplifier. My contribution to the thesis was the implementation of the electric part of the amplifier. The ampilifier is a head based on two VOX AC30 top boost channels. The pictures tell you more about the great design, thanks Samuli.

Technical data:

Inputs:     2 x Ch1, 2 x Ch2, Power Amp In
Outputs: 16, 8 and 4 Ohm, Pre Amp Out
Controls: Gain, Bass, Treble  (Ch1)
Gain, Bass, Treble  (Ch2)
Master volume
Stand-by switch
PT: 230V/325V-0-325V/6,3V/4,2A
OT: 8000/16/8/4 Ohm
Rectifier: Semiconductor diodes
Schematics: PowerSupply