The Rikstone H50m  has been built according to its example Marshall Plexi 50 to produce a traditional Marshall sound or even better. A goal has also been to keep the construction light by using light materials and keeping the size small.

Technical data:

Inputs: 2 inputs / channel (High and Low sensitive)
Outputs: 16, 8  and 4 Ohm
Controls: VOL (CH1), VOL (CH2), BASS, MID, TREBLE
Tubes: 3 x 12AX7, 2 x EL34
PT: Trafomic
CHOKE: Hammond 10H
OT: P-TM050
Rectifier: Semiconductor diodes
Schematic: Plexi
Sound clips: Normal and Bright input with jumper, Humbucker pickup
Normal and Bright input with jumper, Single coil pickup
  Normal input, Humbucker
  Bright input, Humbucker