The Rikstone RT is an effect including both reverb and tremolo. The reverb part is based on Fender 6G15 stand alone reverb unit. The tremolo is partly based on Fender's tremolo technology. The reverb and tremolo functions are separated from each other. You can use them together by using external cables. No printed boards are used and the tubes are same type as in the original 6G15. The result is a real vintage surf sound.

Technical data:

Inputs: 1 x Reverb, 1 x Tremolo
Outputs: Reverb out, Tremolo out, Reverb cut off, Tremolo cut off
Controls: Dwell (Reverb)
Tone (Reverb)
Mix (Reverb)
Speed (Tremolo)
Depth (Tremolo)
Tubes:  1 x 12AT7 (ECC81), 3 x 12AX7(ECC83), 1 x 6K6
PT: 230V/250V/80mA/6,3V/2,5A
RT: 7600/8 Ohm
Reverb tank: Accutronics long delay #4AB3C1B
Rectifier: Semiconductor diodes
Schematics: PowerSupply
Reverb/Tremolo circuit
User's Guide: Description (in Finnish only)