CH Certhia´s Caprice
Seal bicolor female, DOB: 13.4.2007


Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Raggis Alley´s Lurch
Blue Bicolor
Ragger´s Que
Blue colorpoint
Ragger´s Nikolaus
Red colorpoint
GC Ragger´s Fritjof
Renée´s Surprise Elizity X-tra
Ragger´s Dixi
Blue mitted
Purrfurus Buckskin
CH Ragger´s Bianca
Molinella´s Alexis
Seal bicolor
IP&EC Tarmac´s Noble Art
Blue bicolor
IC Krickelins Ray-Ban
IC Nobility´s Waganzia
Leo Minor Kajsa
Seal colorpoint
PR&EC Dagper´s Arvid
Råttfångarns Nelly Nyström
Mirandos Love Supreme
Seal mitted
IC Fancyrags Keep The Faith
Seal bicolor
SGC Ritzyrags Sir Winston
Seal mitted
SGC Ritzyrags Blue Danube
CH Cloverleaf Sylvia
Soulmates Spirit of Fancyrags
Blue bicolor
SGC Lonerock Erroll Flynn
TGC Chatandolls Liza Minelli
PR&CH Mirandos Mysterious Ways
Seal bicolor
IC MT Dolls Mysterious Mico
Blue bicolor
CH Sheyenne Scout of MT Dolls
Dinunzio´s Dolls Moondance Melody
Mirandos Like A Song
Seal bicolor
IP Ragtime King of Finland
EP&EC, WW01 Purr-Fect Dream Angel