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I am one of the very first persons in Finland who fell in love with ragdolls in the early years and therefore also one of the longest established ragdoll breeders in our country. I have been breeding only ragdolls since 1995. These years have taught me SO much about ragdolls and pure bred cats in general and this hobby has also given me a lot!

My aims in breeding have always consisted of being able to breed the most typeful ragdolls whos health and good temperament goes without saying. Also importing new lines from time to time has always been important to me. At the moment I can have the traditional ragdoll patterns: bicolors, colorpoints and mitteds in the traditional colors of seal, blue, chocolate and lilac in my breeding. In 2004 the charming new colors & pattern were also added into my breeding program, namely red, cream, tortie and tabby (also known as lynx). I do not concider so called ´solids and minks´ to be real ragdolls and therefore will never include those in my breeding, nor sell any of my kittens to be mated with those. I have also never bred with foster cats and won´t be doing that in the future either.

All my cats live with me and they have a free roam all over my home, my stud boys have their own room of course. Cats are never caged and Mirandos cattery is not a kitten factory. That is why I wouldn´t even call it a cattery, but the Home of Mirandos Ragdolls. My breeding has always been in very small scale and therefore there will never be dozens of  litters born every year! My cats are regularly vet checked, vaccinated and dewormed and they are also tested for FELV and FIV and found negative of course. My breeding cats are also tested for HCM & PKD and these scans were started already in February 2006. They have also been HCM DNA tested. All my cats are also blood typed. We do not have any nasty parasites (like ear mites, fleas etc.) either. My cats have very sweet and laidback temperament and that is something all ragdolls should have, especially those used in breeding.


Mirandos kittens are handled a lot, from the minute they are born to the day they move to new homes. Each litter has always been big and precious happening to me. Each and every kitten that leaves my home has had lots of love and kisses and has grown in safe and peaceful enviroment. Kittens are always vet checked, fully vaccinated twice, microchipped and dewormed - they are happy and healthy youngsters. No kittens leave home before they are 12 weeks old and approximately 4 months old (or more) if going abroad; depending on the country. A sales agreement is made of each kitten. All my kittens have a 2 year guarantee against genetical defects. My cats are all pure bred ragdolls and registered in Suomen Kissaliitto (SRK).

Kittens get used to very good quality and versatile food ever since they are small babies. Their first solid food always consists of: cooked fish and/or chicken and Hills a/d. Later on they get used to raw minced meat and heart and good quality canned foods. We use the following dry foods: Hills Science Plan, Royal Canin Kitten and Leonardo.

My cats are not so used to small children or dogs since I live alone. But nevertheless they have always adjusted really well to them and infact most of my kittens always go to families with dogs and children. One of my aims is to find the right kitten to the right owner and so far it has happened very well. Many people are already having their second, third etc. Mirandos kitten. That shows us that they have also discovered that you just cannot have one Ragdoll, you´ll need to have more of them! And also that they really like Mirandos kittens.


I am the first Finnish breeder who has sold a Ragdoll kitten abroad, the first export moved to Italy already in 1997. Nowadays Mirandos ragdolls can be found already in 14 different countries! The countries are, along with Italy: Germany, Holland, Canada, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, Austria, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain & Czech Republic.


Cats have been my dearest hobby for the past 20 years already! I have been involved with many many things of what comes to ragdolls in our country; you can read more here. Other very dear interests are for example: music (U2, Sting, David Cook, Cousin Bill, Hector and many others as well), web design, karaoke, languages, travelling, writing and computers. I am also a passionate friend of Irish culture, music  and the country itself and one could indeed say that Ireland is my other home land... ;))


Me in Ireland 2005


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