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How it all began?

EP&EC,WW01 Purr-Fect Dream Angel (Snoozie)
- It all began with this Beauty... :))

I became interested in ragdolls already in 1991 when I got my very first pure bred cat Musti who was a black European Shorthair. I soon began to think what would be THE breed that I might even start breeding... and I decided that it must be a ragdoll. I wrote to several breeders in Germany and USA and fortunatelly also got many answers since in those days no one knew absolutely nothing about ragdolls in Finland... I did even write to the originator of the breed, Mrs. Ann Baker, and she also answered my letter and sent some interesting, yet controversial material.

A bit later on I found an add of an English ragdoll breeder Del Anderson and naturally I wrote to her too straight away. Luckyly I did that, since it was from her that I finally got my very first ragdoll Snoozie (photo above). She came to me in the beginning of March 1993, and she was the 7th ragdoll who moved to Finland. As you may know number 7 is usually considered to be a lucky number and there must be indeed something magical about it, since IŽve had so many wonderful moments with Snoozie and so many, many great things has happened to us. She is indeed a Dream Angel, just as her name promises! I became more and more addicted to the cat shows with Snoozie, and boy has it always been so easy to go just about anywhere with her - you can hardly find an easier and more laid-back cat like she is.

Many people had told me that ragdolls are addictive: when youŽve got one youŽll just gotta have some more. And yes, that happened to me too.. and so in the spring of 1994 a blue colorpoint girl Magic came to me, also from Del.


Poor Magic-baby did not know what was awaiting her: a couple of days after her arrival we were starring in "Sydamen Valtaajat" - pet programme, and my cats were the very first ragdolls to appear on TV in Finland! Over 500.000 spectators saw that programme and that was indeed the very first time for people to actually get to know about ragdolls and almost everybody seem to remember that programme, even nowadays. It has happened many times that someone comes to me and says "Hey, I know you from TV - youŽre that ragdoll person!" Well, that I am indeed :))

Ragdolls have really gained a lot of publicity in several news papers, magazines, TV- programmes and even on the radio in our country. My ragdolls have appeared in dozens of different magazines, both in Finland and abroad. The second TV - show where we attended was "Lemmikkien maailma" -programme on our local Cable TV in the autumn of 1995.

One of our latest TV-appearances has been a LIVE TV Show on MTV3 Finland in the spring of 2002. We were special guests at a Live morning show with Snoozie and Bono together with 3 other ragdolls and a very well known Finnish violist, Linda Lampenius. That show was indeed a wonderful experience! Our most recent visit to TV happened on January 8, 2003 when we were featured as one of the main news on Channel Four Finland.

My Snoozie is probably the most well known ragdoll in Finland since sheŽs the very first, and only one, who has got her picture on special
lottery tickets, sold by Oy Veikkaus Ab. That happened in the beginning of 1996. So that way many people in our country may have indeed "handled" Snoozie, since those lottery tickets are still quite popular here.

The biggest and the most important achievement in international publicity of Finnish ragdolls is the fact that we are also featured in The Definitive Guide To Ragdolls - book, which is the very first book in the world ever written about ragdolls. I wrote an article of the ragdoll situation in Finland and some of our ragdolls got their picture there too. This book is really a must for all ragdoll lovers and especially ragdoll breeders, since youŽll find just about everything there is to know about this wonderful breed!

Personally my absolutely biggest and most amazing achievement at shows has been the World Show in Augsburg, Germany in 2001 when my dear Snoozie became
WORLD WINNER - as the second ragdoll in the entire world!!!


My cattery name was approved in FIFe already in 1992 but my very first ragdoll litter was born in April 1995 to Snoozie and it was truly a tremendous experience since before that I had never seen any animal given birth! I kept Sani (pictured below) from that litter myself since she was the only female there. IŽve only had 1-3 litters per year so far, so Mirandos ragdolls is not a kitten factory. All matings are carefully planned and I always try to think ahead a couple of years, so that I can assure to people who buy breed quality kittens from me that there are different lines to use for their kittens etc.

Mirandos Like A Song
(First female kitten born in my Cattery)


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