Mirandos ragdolls
In Memoriam


IC Mirandos Heaven´s On Fire (5.5.2005 - 8.8.2013)

Thank you Hani darling for all these years that we had together.


IC Fancyrags Keep The Faith (26.6.2001 - 3.5.2012)

Bono sincerely loved everybody and everybody who came to visit us fell immediately in love with this giant teddybear who was the True Gentleman in my life. Bono The Man. Bono The Gentle Giant. Thank you dear Bono for all these years that we had together.

"Faith: you know you're gonna live thru the rain
Lord: you got to keep the faith
Faith: don't let your love turn to hate
right now we got to keep the faith
keep the faith
keep the faith
Lord we got to keep the faith"
(by Bon Jovi)


EP&EC, WW01 Purr-Fect Dream Angel (17.11.1992 - 17.2.2009)

"Some of us down here are born as Angels"
Some are truly born as angels and Snoozie was literally that: according to her name, her personality and her loving heart.

I sincerely think that you can meet this kind of Great Personality only once in a lifetime. Snoozie was everything to me. Thank you dear Snoozie for all these wonderful years that we had together!


Farmhouse Sweet Fantazia (8.10.2005 - 18.10.2007)

Mocca was put to eternal sleep due to a tragic accident.
Thank you Mocca for these two years that we only had together.


PR&CH Mirandos Mysterious Ways (5.11.1999 - 17.4.2007)

There is a big hole in my heart now that my dear Prinsessa is gone. Prinsessa had an amazing ability to look straight into everybody´s heart and soul. She was truly my anam cara; my soul friend.

Thank you dear Prinsessa for all these years that we had together.


Purr-Fect Magic of Mirandos (31.1.1994 - 2.2.2006)

Thank you Beibi for all these years that we had together.


Mirandos Like A Song (15.4.1995 - 14.11.2000)

"Like a song I have to sing, I sing it for you.
Like the words I have to bring, I bring them to you...
And we fight amongst ourselves.
Too set in our ways to try to rearrange,
too right to be wrong, in this rebel song...
You say it´s time to go, it´s your time."
(by U2)

Sani was put to eternal sleep on a rainy November day. During her life she had 24 babies; all such little treasures like herself.  She was the absolute best and most dearest of my breeding queens.
There are no words, just incredible pain...

I hope that now Sani is together with her beloved Höpö-baby somewhere out there...


Mirandos More Than Words (8.12.1998 - 28.4.1999)

Höpö died at the age of 4,5 months, due to a tragic accident in his new wonderful home in Germany, where he had only been for 4 days... His name says it all how precious and dear baby he was to me, and it would take more than words to describe my pain.








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