Mirandos ragdolls

Snoozie  EP&EC,WW01 Purr-Fect Dream Angel

Exactly 17 years ago my dear Snoozie won the World Winner title as the first ragdoll in Scandinavia and as the second in the entire world! To me she will always be the most beautiful ragdoll in the world. Those years were the best time of my life and I still miss her terribly... <3

- News added March 25, 2018

Happy New Year! I don´t know if anyone visits my web site anymore, but I wanted to tell you just in case that you can now find me also at Instagram. Feel free to like and follow me; not mandatory though... :)

- News added January 9, 2018

We are participating Royal Canin Christmas competition where you can win cat food for the entire year. You will make us really happy if you can vote for Lola by clicking the heart next to her photo! You can vote once a day during December. Winning this competition would be awesome for a poor person like me, so please help us! Thank you so much!!



- News added December 17, 2016

Capri   Lola

Capri (CH Certhia´s Caprice)
celebrated her 9th Birthday on April 13, 2016 and Lola (Mirandos Love Me Tender) her 5th Birthday on April 10, 2016. Where do these years go?!  :))

- News added April 30, 2016

Happy Happy Birthday to Don Juan, who is already 18 years old!!!

Don Juan

Mirandos I Will Follow celebrated his 18th Birthday yesterday, on July 10 2015!
Don Juan is still doing fabulous and is now the oldest of Mirandos offsprings and also to my knowledge the oldest ragdoll in Finland! RESPECT. Don Juan is lovingly owned by Petri Tirkkonen.

- News added July 11, 2015


Inspired by the Olympics I finally cleaned my very own medals  :)

- News added February 23, 2014

Happy Happy Birthday to Josi, who is 18 years today!!!


EP Mirandos Joshua Tree is celebrating his 18th Birthday today, April 15 2013! Josi is from my very first litter back in 1995 and to my knowledge he is now the oldest ragdoll in Finland. RESPECT! Josi is lovingly owned by Riitta Vuorinen.

NOTE: I´m not breeding anymore and that is why this web site is no longer actively updated. I will, however, update Darling of the month page from time to time.

- News added April 15, 2013

- News added December 20

Miro (Mirandos Herra Mirandos) moved to Semi in Helsinki. We wish him all the best in his new home! :))
- News added April 24

Happy Birthday to Josi darling!

Europa Premior Mirandos Joshua Tree (AKA Josi) is respectful 17 YEARS today!!!
Josi is the only one still alive from my very first ragdoll litter back in 1995 and that also makes him one of the oldest ragdolls in Finland nowadays! Josi is owned by Riitta Vuorinen and I´d like to sincerely Thank her for taking super good care of this wonderful boy all these years! :))

From this link you´ll find some "wedding photos" of Josi´s parents, Snoozie & Kingi (EP&EC,WW01 Purr-Fect Dream Angel & IP Ragtime King Of Finland) and also some photos of Josi and his siblings as little babies. Thank you so much for these to Kingi´s owner, Leena Virtanen!
- News added April 15

We had a trophy cleaning day during the weekend, huh! All our trophies didn´t fit in the picture.. :)
- News added March 6

Hani & Merlin´s babies were born Saturday evening on January 14th, 2012! There are two fat baby boys and one fat baby girl in the cradle. More info with photos and videos will come to the kitten page later on.
- News added January 16

Referring to news below: the biggest newspaper in Finland, Helsingin Sanomat, also mentioned our breed´s popularity and the ragdoll featured there is my dear Prinsessa, PR&CH Mirandos Mysterious Ways. You can see her picture here.
- News added January 16

Ragdoll is the most popular cat breed in Finland - already 9 years in a row! Suomen Kissaliitto (Finnish Cat Association) announced today that there have been 779 ragdolls registered in 2011. Second popular was Maine coon with 399 new registered cats.
- News added January 9

Hani & Merlin are expecting new babies to be born very soon now! You will find more info on the kitten page :)
- News added January 9

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