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News 2005

Now you can see first photos of Rosa´s babies on the Kitten page. New photos will be added when the babies grow older...
(Added December 1, 2005)

Rosa´s babies were born early this morning! There are 4 girls in the litter. Happy mom and all the babies are doing just fine. More info & photos will come to the Kitten page later on.
(Added November 12, 2005)

Mirandos Aurora Borealis, a seal torbie colorpoint, became Champion in Järvenpää on October 30, 2005. Aurora is owned by Mervi Matilainen. Congratulations!
(Added October 31, 2005)

Prinsessa became Premior and was also Nominated in Järvenpää on October 29, 2005. Hani was Best Of Variety and even won 2 adult ragdolls! I also had Breeder Class at the show and the following Mirandos cats were present:
- Mirandos Razorblade Romance (O: Tuija Arola)
- Mirandos Enter Sandman & Mirandos NothingElseMatters
(O: Aino Salste)
- Mirandos Shine On Me (O: Hanna & Marko Pekkarinen)
- CH Mirandos Red Moon Rising (O: Risto Saarenpää)
- Mirandos Aurora Borealis (O: Mervi Matilainen)
- PR&CH Mirandos Mysterious Ways, Mirandos Heaven´s On Fire ja Mirandos Sleeping Sun. I would like to thank all of you for a great company and participating the show!
(Added October 31, 2005)

Kaneli (Mirandos Cinnamon Girl) moved to Heli´s family in Kerava. We wish her all the best in her new home! :))
(Added October 27, 2005)

Mirandos Red Moon Rising, a red tabby colorpoint, became Champion in Porvoo on October 1, 2005. Romeo is owned by Risto Saarenpää. Congratulations!
(Added October 1, 2005)

Dominic (Mirandos NothingElseMatters) moved to his brother Casper and Aino & Tommi in Helsinki. We wish him all the best in his new home! :))
(Added September 22, 2005)

Josie & Royal have already become grandparents because their son Romeo´s (CH Mirandos Red Moon Rising) first kittens were born in Tuulikellon Cattery on September 18th. Warm congratulations to the new ragdoll family!
(Added September 22, 2005)

For those of you who have tried to contact me during the last 1,5 weeks: I have been on holiday in Ireland but now all emails + phones are working normally again.
(Added August 18, 2005)

More kittens have moved to their new homes: Sandy (Mirandos Shine On Me) moved to Hanna & Marko´s family in Varkaus, Sonny (Mirandos Mighty Sundancer) to Sanna & Flori in Vaasa and Casper (Mirandos Enter Sandman) to Aino & Tommi in Helsinki. We wish them all the best in their new homes! :))
(Added August 1, 2005)

Non-cat related news: I just got back from the U2 concert in Gothenburg, Sweden - a huge dream came true again! >>Read more
(Added July 30, 2005)

Some of our kittens have already moved to their new homes: Luna & Nekku (Mirandos Harvest Moon & Mirandos Ray Of Sun) moved to Susanna´s family in Nummela, Iines (Mirandos Sealed With A Kiss) to Tommi and Susanna in Lappeenranta and Tosca (Mirandos Monsoon) to Ulla´s family in Tampere. We wish them all the best in their new homes! :))
(Added July 28, 2005)

From this day on you will find Darling Of The Month on the frontpage. These photos represent Mirandos kittens that are born during the 10 years of my breeding, the photos will change monthly. The darling that starts this serie is Bono & Prinsessa´s gorgeous son Robbie, who lives in Sweden nowadays.
(Added July 2, 2005)

We are happy to finally present good quality photos of all our babies! Updated photos will appear here weekly as the babies grow.
(Added June 2, 2005)

Josie had 6 big babies today, 3 girls and 3 boys! Among them are also 3 red babies; I am so happy... Mother and all babies are doing just fine. More info & photos of all our babies will come here later on.
(Added May 5, 2005)

Our baby boom started with a lovely surprise: Mandy had 5 big girls today, they are all seal tortie colorpoints! Mother and all the babies are doing just fine.
(Added May 2, 2005)

We had a very good show weekend in Helsinki 23-24.4.2005 with Prinsessa and Rosa: Prinsessa was Nominated on both days!
(Added April 25, 2005)

Happy Birthday to the very first Mirandos ragdolls who are today already 10 year old Gentlemen:

EP Mirandos Joshua Tree, aka Josi. Owner Riitta Vuorinen. Photo: Alan Robinson

EC Mirandos Rattle N Hum, aka Rambo. Owner Hely Klemola.

These handsome gentlemen were born to Snoozie (EP&EC, WW01 Purr-Fect Dream Angel) and King´s (IP Ragtime King Of Finland, owner: Leena Virtanen) litter that was born on April 15, 1995.
(Added April 15, 2005)

On our trip to Turku cat show Rosa had the honour to represent ragdolls in the biggest local newspaper, called Turun Sanomat. She got her picture there and the story came out on Sunday 3rd of April.
(Added April 3, 2005)

I decided to totally change the look of my web site and to have a new color theme also this time.
(Added March 12, 2005)

Our show season started in Tallinn, Estonia on February 26-27, 2005. Josie got her CAC´s and Rosa was Nominated on Saturday and also participated the nominations on Sunday, what a lovely surprise!
(Added February 28, 2005)

Tikru (Mirandos In The Shadows) moved to Riikka´s family in Halikko. We wish him all the best in his new home! :))
(Added January 31, 2005)

Congratulations to Tobbe!

PR Mirandos Electrical Storm is the
Best Mitted Neuter 2004 in Finnish Ragdoll Fanciers´Association. Tobbe is owned by Riikka-Maria Söderström. Our heartfelt congratulations!

Congratulations to Nekku!

IC Mirandos Daydream Believer is the
Best Breeding Queen 2004 in Finnish Ragdoll Fanciers´ Association. Nekku is owned by Maria Sissonen. Our heartfelt congratulations!
(Added January 31, 2005)

Romeo (Mirandos Red Moon Rising) moved to Risto in Lahti. We wish him all the best in his new home! :))
(Added January 21, 2005)

Some of Josie´s babies have already moved to their new homes: Raksu (Mirandos Razorblade Romance) moved to Tuija´s family in Urajärvi, Sophie (Mirandos Sweet Dreams) moved to Tiina´s family to our neighbour and Aurora (Mirandos Aurora Borealis) moved to Mervi´s family in Kirkkonummi. We wish them all the best in their new homes! :))
(Added January 16, 2005)

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