Mirandos ragdolls
EP&EC,WW01 Purr-Fect Dream Angel
(17.11.1992 - 17.2.2009)


"Some of us down here are born as angels"
Some are truly born as angels and Snoozie was literally that: according to her name, her personality and her loving heart ♥  And just like some people, some cats can also be living legends. Snoozie was exactly that; ever since a small kitten.

This charmingly dignified, refined and restrained English lady already knew as a very young kitten that she is the most gorgeous and the best in the world. And that she was indeed after winning the World Winner title in Augsburg, Germany on March 25, 2001. It was clear from the beginning that Snoozie is a diamond; something so special which doesn´t come across very often. No one is perfect but of Snoozie you could actually say that she was: a perfectly marked bicolor with stunning, deep blue eyes and most importantly she had the genuine ragdoll-look. In addition to that she also had a wonderful silky coat and absolutely charming personality.

Snoozie also had that "super star charisma" that you can see and sense for example from the biggest artists and actors in the world. That is something so big and impressive and also difficult to explain, but you really feel the warm glowing and presence of it. This was also something that majority of the judges noticed in Snoozie during her long show career. Some judges used to call Snoozie their Princess and it happened more than once that in her judgement report there was only a big heart with the text: I LOVE YOU. Since Snoozie was extremely kind and patient, I couldn´t have asked for a better and easier show cat. During her show career Snoozie was:

- World Winner 2001
- 15 x Best In Show
- 18 x Best Opposite Sex
- 57 x Nominated for Best In Show
- 25 x Best Of Variety
- 17 x Best In Show Veteran
- Best Neuter of the Year 2000 & Best Veteran of the Year 2000 in Surok
- Best Veteran of the Year 2001 & 2. Best Neuter of the Year 2001 in Surok
- Best Veteran of the Year 2001 & 2. Best Neuter of the year 2001 in SRK
- Best Veteran of the Year 2002 in Surok
- Best Veteran of the Year 2002 in SRK
- Blossom-Time Trophy winner in 2001, 2002 and 2003 (only cat in Finland who´s done that)
+ several times Best Ragdoll of the Year in both Finnish Ragdoll Clubs

Those, who got to know Snoozie from the shows, knew, that she always used to tell if she liked or not the rosettes and trophies that she had won. She used to head butt the trophies to tell me that she accepts them. Then there were some shows where they didn´t have any trophies as BIS awards and Snoozie wouldn´t even look at the plaques, she just turned her head away and went to sleep. Another really important thing for her was her very dear teddybear pillow that she always had to have in her pen. If it wasn´t there, the day was totally ruined in Snoozie´s opinion.

Snoozie really loved to stay at hotels in the show trips and she always made the most of it. She was the one who would decide where her food and water bowls should be and where I was allowed to place the show bag and carrier and she would also pick her bed incase there were 2 beds in the room. Every time she heard people clapping at shows, she would imagine that of course they are clapping at her. And even if she was sleeping in her pen she would get up and sit at the door as if she was accepting the applauds.

During her long show career Snoozie visited several times Estonia and Russia, and we also went to Poland, Germany and Czech Republic. A wonderful memory is of course the World Show in Germany and the entire weekend there. Not to mention the flight back to Helsinki when Snoozie sat on my lap looking like a million dollars, a real Queen because she really understood that she had won something really big. Her regal presence was not left unnoticed by the other passengers on the plane. :)

One of the most prominent features of Snoozie was her wisdom; she truly understood every single word. For example she remembered dear friends, family members, acquaintancies and her most beloved judges even after years, until her very last days. And every time I talked about Sani, Josi & Rambo she knew that they were her dearly beloved children. She also remembered her first love, King, who was the father of her children. Snoozie only had this one litter and I still remember how incredibly proud she was and took really good care of them and even regognized them later on at shows. Snoozie acted dignified also at home and didn´t care for example about guests, unless they were very good friends that she had herself accepted as dear friends and as important people in her life. You know who you are.

Without exaggerating I can truly say that I have spent the best years of my life with Snoozie. I sincerely think that you can meet this kind of Great Personality only once in a lifetime.

As one judge used to say: VIVA LA DIVA!

Addition: I couldn´t write this until I got Snoozie´s urn back home. When I placed it where it belongs, something odd happened: over 40 big birds flew to the trees in front of my windows and just sat there for about half an hour, and most of them were staring our way. I don´t know if these events have any connection but the timing made that very odd indeed, and also a bit scary...

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