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CD EP REFLECTIONS  by John & Jason is released in October 2016.


The songs could be listened in Spotify and YouTube.

The songs are available in many digital Record Stores.

The CD Digipack is available at Fennica Records in Helsinki or can be ordered from Rootman: capitus(at)

10€ + delivery (in Finland 2€)





The story of John & Jason dates back to the sixties when John oriented to blues and rock and Jason to folk and country. They played and made songs together in early seventies  but then continued music-making on their separate roads. John released his first single record in 1970 and Jason in 1976.  They met again after almost 40 years .  The results are countryfolk songs played with a great feeling and harmony  - Two men and two acoustic guitars!

1. Birmingham's In Alabama:

2. The More You Have to Try ( The Less You Win):

3. Happiness Is A Mountain:

4. If All These Things Mean Love

All lyrics are by Jason Laine. Composer for 2. and 4. is Jason, for 1. and 3. Long John Ahvenainen.

Lead singer in the songs 1. , 2. and 4. is Jason, on the left in the picture with Gibson Hummingbird, and John in the song 3. with Martin.






All Helander records could be listened in Spotify

Listen to Helander Co.:


Dr. Helander's latest album "Country Boy" released 9/2016 by

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Helander Co. in English

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Kuvia Juttutuvan keikalta 24.2.2007 Photos

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Dr.Helander & His Medicine Men:               Freedom Music          10€

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HelgeTallqvist & Deep Blue Divers: Something Blue...  15 €  Digipack


Helge Tallqvist & Groovy Eyes with Sidekick Johnny: Plays George "Harmonica" Smith with Pepe Ahlqvist. 

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Helander Co: Fodder (lyrics)10 €


Helander Co: Smooth and Rough. 

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Helander Co: Big Cold Beer.  Sold out


Dr. Helander: The First Fifty Years.           Dr. Helander's 50 years celebration on vinyl. The vinyl's A-side: Perfect for the Blues by Helander and B-side: A Hard Road written by John Mayall.

The single was pressed as a limited edition of 300.  10 €


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