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Download the most recent program files. . A new version was uploaded 2006-02-14. Please, look att screenshot to see supported file types.

Now this is a VB6 program that contains all program files in one cab-file

The information on this page relates only to my bridge converting utility called 'KGB's Batch converter'. This program converts all available information that can possibly be read by another bridge program. The supported file types are listed below. PBN (Portable Bridge Notation) can save the largest amount of information, but only that part that can be written to CBF (common Bridge File) is read. In PBN is always saved the 14 mandatory tags even if e.g. only Deal, Board, Dealer and Vulnerable are available from Duplimat. You cannot edit during the conversion. PBN is a standard text file, so it can be edited with normal Windows programs after the conversion. If you like to manually input a hand to a bridge hand you can do it with my other utility 'KGB's cardtable'. The program saves automatically to the selected program, but also always to PBN.

Here are aloso links to to appropriate homepage of the manufacturers

    *      PBN (Portable Bridge Notation) used as primary file format in eg. GIB and Jack.   See the PBN page for the specifications of this file type (available from my homepage).
    *      Duplimat Mechanical dealer new DOS file formats, in cooperation with Per Jannersten
    *      Duplimat Mechanical dealer for Windows, in cooperation with Per Jannersten
    *      Q-plus ( .bde) in cooperation with Johannes Leber
    *      Q-plus ( .cbf) in cooperation with Johannes Leber
    *      Bridge Mate (Common Bridge Format) in cooperation with Bob Richardson
    *      Micro Bridge. (both editor & CDrom formats) in cooperation with Tomio & Yumiko Uchida
    *      Oxford Bridge in cooperation with Andrew Bracher
    *      MVP bridge in cooperation with Steve Estvanik
    *      Meadowlark in cooperation with Ludwig  
    *      BOREL simulation
    *      Dealer (Dutton)
    *      CSV (comma separated variables)
    *      SCbridge
    *      BridgeBaron
    *      VisualDeal & BridgeBuff  
    *      VuGraph in cooperation with Fred Gitelman
    *      Deep Finesse

This conversion program  BatchConverter.exe  is compatible with 32-bit systems; that is with Windows 95 or Windows NT. 

To update the program you only have to download a small update file, that overwrites the old program files. Thus when you first download the common files, I suggest that you unzip the common files to three separate directories, named eg. table, d_input and conv. Then you download the update file and unzip it to the correct directory. Generally the update file will include a readme file telling you about the most recent changes.

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