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The site 'ECatsBridge' aims to be a comprehensive site about bridge worldwide.
Anna Gudge and Mark Newton are the co-developers of this site, and if you wish to contact them, please email

Here is the address of Markus Buchhorn's excellent collection of links and FAQs about bridge. Unfortunately it has not been updated since the spring of 1996.

This page is mostly written in Finnish and Swedish and it tells mostly about Finnish events. It can almost be called the homepage of Suomen Bridgeliitto (The Finnish Bridge League), but Leo Neimo keeps it.

American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) informs of mostly American tournaments and clubs. It has a lot of links on its pages too.

When you do want to buy accessories and books from USA Baron Barclay Bridge Supplies can deliver all over the world. They accept credit cards. I have been buying new books there for almost 20 years.

You can contact Jannersten  by Email. Their main market is Scandinavia, but for some products (e.g. bidding boxes, duplcate boards and Duplimat automatic card dealer) they do supply the whole world. Now their homepage is up and ready.

Bill Sachen has sold me a lot of bridge books. He will help you to find books that are out of print. His homepage has lists of books for sale.Bill's mail address is on his homepage.

The magazine Bridge World publishes sometimes short stories etc., and on request sends them automatically to you as Email.

Bridge odds computing online

Jim Loy's page with reviews of bridge playing programs. AND A LOT OF LINKS

A novel bidding system based on point count

Every bridge deal has a number. Here is a way to get all bridge deals (53,644,737,765,488,792,839,237,440,000 distinct bridge deals)

A page that is continnuosly updating it's hand generating

Another random number generator.

Description of the Magic Diamond bidding system

A. M. Rudenski has asked that the link to his homepage should be here. On his homepage you can find text about bridge hand  Natural Valuation. 

Here is a nice application. New version 14th October 1997! It converts PBN to HTML for viewing. It can be downloaded here. The zipped size is (24 kB). The author is Yvan Calame.

Here is a Java Applet for showing bridge hands. You can get it directly at Peter Cheung's homepage. HERE IS FOUND A LOT OF LINKS

Another effort parallel to PBN is promoted by Johannes (Hans) Leber. It is named Common Bridge Format CBF. His document can be found here, also zipped (4 kB), till Hans gets his own hompage into operation. Its address should be found at the server Hans Leber That is: The source C-code for his scanner program can now also be in zipped form found here (11 kB).

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