Digital Guitar Diagnostic Center

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Accurate electronic tuning of electric and acoustic instruments without ambient noise.


For those who are true perfectionists about tuning, high-tech options, such as a tempered tuning setting for guitars that will have you playing more chords in tune than you ever thought possible.


  • Pitch Accuracy: 0.001 semitone (0.1 cents).
  • Note Range: Eb0 (MIDI note 15) to Eb8 (MIDI note 111).
  • Frequency Accuracy: 0.005Hz.
  • Frequency Range*: 20Hz - 5000Hz.
  • Input Calibration Signal: Accepts any calibrated signal in the range 80.0Hz to 2080.0Hz. The calibrated frequency value can be set in 0.1Hz steps.
  • Global Cents Offset: -50.0 cents to +50.0 cents in 0.1 cent steps.
  • A440 Reference Frequency: 340.0Hz to 540.0Hz in 0.1Hz steps.
  • Transpose/Drop/Capo: -12 semitones to +12 semitones in 1 semitone steps.
  • Manual Note Select: C0 to C8.
  • Measured/Target Frequency: displayed to 0.01Hz (up to 999.99Hz), 0.1Hz (1000.0 and above).
  • Measured/Target Cents: displayed to 0.1 cent, or 1 cent, depending on user setting.
  • Temperaments:12 temperaments (including Equal Tempered)
  • Instruments: Contains 25 predefined instruments.
  • Tunings: 54 built-in tunings
  • Sweeteners: 27 built-in sweeteners including Peterson Sweetened Tunings™ and BFTS™ settings