SLY Studio

Recording & Mastering Digital Studio
Neuman U87
Mackie Akai PCM 60 II
Studio Equipment ... ...    
Roland 2480 64 Ch Digital Mixer Multitrack

24 input track


24 recording track


8 sub group


8 direct out

Solid State Logic Duende 32 Ch of SSL superior mix characteristics Mixer
  G and E series EQ four band parametric equalizer  
  12dB/Octave low pass filter  
  18dB/Octave high pass filter  
  Dynamics Channel Strip compressor/limiter section  
  Stereo Bus Compressor  
Yamaha DSP Factory 24 Ch Mixer Multitrack
  6 DSP
  2 x real time efect
  AX 44
  coaxial conection with VS multitrack
Digidesign 003 Rack
Mackie 16/4/2 Mixer  
  16 input  
  4 SUB routed to headphone mixer  
  Main out ruoted to VS 2480 with optical cable  
  Control room routed via speaker selector to main or near field monitors  
Sonar 8 Pro Multitrack Sequencer Mixer
ProTools LE 8 Multitrack Sequencer  
Yamaha NS-10 Near field Monitor  
  powered by JBL AMP  
Avantone Near field Monitor  
Tanoy DM-215 Studio Monitor  
  2 x 15" powered by Hafler  
Hafler Studio Monitor Amp  
  2 x 500 W  
JBL Studio Monitor Amp  
  2 x 75 W  
Neuman U 87 Studio Microphone  
Shure SM 58 / SM 57 / B52 Microphone  
Senhaiser 609 Microphone  
Audio Technica PRO 37 R Overhead Microphone pair  
Akai Linn Drum PCM 60 Drum Machine Sampler
  huge sound library

dry studio set


rock set


metal set


60´ set


percusion ... ... ...

Premier Artist Custom
Drum set
  BD 22"
  SD 14 x 5.5 " Modern Classic Brass , Premier Signia 125 any.
  Tom 13", 14", 18"

Cymbals Paiste 2000 Ride
  Paiste Reflector Medium Heavy Crash 17"
  Paiste Reflector Medium Heavy Crash 18"