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A man without a name is but a ghost,
passing through the world unnoticed.
His deeds, regardless of their greatness,
will be dissipated in the breeze
or attached to the name of another;
for he has no name of his own
to remember him by.
- Sami Pyörre

In role-playing games, authentic atmosphere is a sum of many things. Regional customs, garments, architecture and names are all among things that add to a fulfilling gaming experience. Unfortunately, more often than not, every person the player characters encounter in a fantasy game has its name lifted from a popular novel, or, even worse, a phone book or a calendar.

Everchanging Book of Names (a.k.a. EBoN) is a shareware random name generator for 32/64-bit Microsoft Windows systems. Originally written to be a game master aid, it has since proven its usefulness in various situations other than role-playing, such as writing stories or naming fabrics and miniature horses. Its highly sophisticated algorithm ensures that most of the names generated by it are readily usable. Moreover, the wide selection of name sets (called chapters) ensure that the names are truly unique and come in different flavors.

The software is written by and copyright © Sami Pyörre.

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