I'm awaiting endlessly
Pounding rhythms echo me
Won't you take me somewhere
Far beyond the Void.

So you want to leave and see other Worlds? Whether you are searching for role playing utilities, writers' resources, languages ... Here follow some sites to keep you going on your Quest.

EBoN elsewhere:

    Dark Justice
    A site for the Imperial Klingon Vessel Dark Justice. The resources section has EBoN chapters for Klingon and Romulan names.
    Features several online RPG utilities targeted for Dungeons & Dragons. The names used in the "Town Generator" are based on lists generated by EBoN.
    Pax Tharda
    A wealth of information for the lovers of HarnMaster, with some EBoN chapters. See the "Downloads" section therein.
    Worlde of Legends
    A new Fantasy Role-Playing Game and FRPG Campaign World currently under development at Creative Images Publishing. The "WoL downloads" section has a Kaendoran EBoN chapter.

Names and naming guides:

    20,000 Names
    Lots of name lists, with meanings and origins. Also naming tips and guidelines.
    Behind the Name
    A comprehensive site dealing with the etymology and history of first names.
    An Onomastikon
    The legend lives on! This is the site to browse through if you want to find huge, nicely categorized lists stuffed with historical names.

Constructed languages:

    "The Languages of Arda" - a must for the lovers of Tolkien's languages. This site should be bound into a book!
    Language Construction Kit
    It took Tolkien over half a century to devise the languages of Arda - and he never got finished. But then again, he didn't have this great guide.


The quote on this page is from the song "Roads to Madness" by Queensrÿche. The drawing is a masterpiece of Leonardo da Vinci.