Past to Present

Time's measure rusts as it crawls
I see its face in the looking glass... Stop!
This screaming laughter
Hides the face from its reality.

I got the idea to write a random name generator from the ZXSpectrum game "Doomdark's Revenge" by Mike Singleton. It had a very simple algorithm that pieced names together from pre-defined elements, and the results looked great. I decided to improve it a little, and I took it as my first project in writing Java code.

So I wrote the first version in the summer of '96. I meant it to run online but faced some problems. The user interface was quite large for a web page. It also had some serious bugs which I did not bother to remove.

The next summer (1997) I took it as my first project in writing Windows programs to make a new version of EBoN. The algorithms and user interface were completely changed and the original idea of emulating Doomdark's Revenge dropped. The result was a compact utility written in C++ which generates rather good names - in my opinion, at least. Unfortunately, my trusty old hard drive finally gave up on me and I lost all my source files.

I was quick to get over the initial feeling of desperation. There were a lot of things in version 1 that I hated anyway but was too lazy to fix. Now I felt I had to do it, and so, over a few months I wrote version 2. The software was released in April, 1998.

In early 1999, a project for making a special version of EBoN for the World of Greyhawk campaign setting was started on the Internet by Richard Di Ioia, Ville Kulmala, Christopher B. Siren, Andrew Wall, and me. The project was finished in the end of the year, but then a severe setback occured: Wizards of the Coast announced that releasing such fan software, even as freeware, could incite legal action against us. Therefore, I wrote a new generic version during the spring of 2000.

And so did EBoN 3.0 see the light of day.

The quote on this page is from the song "Roads to Madness" by Queensr˙che. The drawing is a masterpiece of an unknown apprentice of Leonardo da Vinci.