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Fm-Kingtracker v1.06

This is the most sophisticated tracker for OPL-chips around, it supports OPL2 and OPL3 chips thus enabling 18 stereo channels.
22 realtime commands/effects including tremor, vibrato, tremolo and arpeggio.
Channels can be individually set to work like normal 2-operator channels or advanced 4-operator (4op) channels.
To maximize user comfort, simple font and color editors are supplied.

Requires Dos, about 590KB free conventional memory, and of course 100% combatible opl2 or opl3 soundcard.

September 17th : Serious bug found consindering very complex songs, new version coming up.
History of FM-Kingtracker back on-line.

[Download FM-Kingtracker 1.06]
[Download simple sample mp3 (1:02 96kbps 730KB)]
[Download another simple mp3 (1:31 64kbps 719KB)]