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This is a complete list of the Cat's Eye anime episodes, split into two seasons. English titles are inspired by the French and German ones. The stars below the episode number represent my personal rating (three stars = best). Click on the thumbnail pictures to view the enlarged version. The French and Italian episode titles can be found at Animint and Matteo's pages respectively.

Season 1

1983 was the year of CE's first season and witnessed the appearance of episodes 1 to 36. Overall plot development, storyline and character design are a highlight to this season. Artwork and plot remain quite faithful to Tsukasa Hojo's original work, although the screenwriters adopted just a small part of Hojo's comedy-like narration style: cross-dressing, people chasing each other, and distorted facial expressions did not make it to the screen. ^_^

Hitomi at work

01 The Queen's Tear ***

The first episode introduces us to the three CE girls, trying to get a jewel which is protected by heavy security measures. Fortunately, Toshio tells Hitomi that it is a fake, and where the original is.

Ai's back in the team

02 The Honour Of Cat's Eye **

Hitomi and Rui start another CE operation without Ai, and just about everything goes wrong: The paintings have already been stolen, the owner killed. So from now on, Ai is not going to be left behind anymore.

Not Sailor Moon

03 A Seducing Emerald ***

By sheer luck, one of Ai's classmates manages to take a photograph of Hitomi after an unsuccessful operation. Noticing that Hitomi looks quite like the woman in the photograph, she decides to inquire further by settling down at the Kisugi's place and consequently annoying the sisters.

Charming Ms Lupin

04 Madame Lupin **

Many art works are going to France for an exposition, and CE are eager to put their hands on them. But this time they are beaten by a lady called "Lupin's Bride". First planning to kill them, she lets the sisters go as soon as she hears that they're the daughters of Heinz.

Mitsuko Asatani

05 The Police Officer **

Realizing that Toshio will never succeed in catching CE on his own, Toshio's chief decides to put assistant inspector Mitsuko Asatani at his side. She's a real pain for CE, seeing Hitomi as the primary suspect.

Wrong way, Toshio!

06 Heartache ***

Hitomi is annoyed by the fact that Toshio is way too shy, or stupid, or both, to show her that he loves her. But there's work to do: CE steal a painting from a museum which is located on top of a cliff, high above the sea and escape with paragliders.

Magic moments

07 The Birthday Party ***

A bomber hides in a building which happens to host an art exhibition. Leaving Hitomi's birthday party, Toshio tries to arrest the bomber, but is beaten by CE/Hitomi. Using the lighted windows, Toshio composes a love message for Hitomi all over the building's front.

United, at last!

08 The Secret Of The Medici *

By means of two paintings, an ambassador wants to find the treasure of the Medici. He forces CE to hand him the missing one. As soon as the two paintings are aligned, they start a fire which engulfs the embassy.


09 Trouble for Toshio ***

To prevent CE from stealing a painting, Toshio grabs it, jumps onto his motorbike and drives off. CE finally catch him, and after a bit of back-and-forth, Toshio and Hitomi fall into a kind of dark shaft. Toshio manages to get them both out again without recognizing Hitomi.

Have some nails...!

10 The Mars Goddess **

A criminal (and police-allergic) art collector exposes fake paintings, a fact that is discovered by Ai. CE manage to steal a real painting they were looking for, while Toshio can arrest the collector. This episode features high-speed animation with Ai trying to escape a mass of killer dogs.

Full house

11 Roulette (Part 1)

For an undercover investigation, Hitomi accompanies Toshio to an illegal casino. She recognizes one of her father's paintings. Toshio is discovered and captured, whilst Hitomi, who announced to be interested in the painting, is invited to join the casino owner on board of a ship.

Faites vôtre jeu

12 A Dangerous Lady (Part 2)

With a little help from her sisters, Hitomi gets hold of the painting and frees Toshio. It's left to the viewers' imagination to guess how Hitomi will explain to Toshio what they are doing on a small rubber dinghy in the middle of the ocean.

Hitomi disagrees

13 The Exam ***

Toshio decides to improve himself. His aim is to pass an examination, followed by one year of further training in Ogasawara. In the end, he decides against it, not wanting to give up the hunt for CE (and to leave Hitomi).

I can't move

14 Cleopatra's Tear ***

The owner of a jewel is planning an insurance fraud. He hands the stone to Toshio and Asatani, then has them both kidnapped. Asatani manages to escape, Hitomi frees Toshio and gets the jewel.

Hell of a collection

15 A Passionate Collector **

A collector of paintings on the topic 'hell' (a hell of a collector, I'd say :-) lives on board an oil tanker. He kidnaps Rui in order to kill her: The ultimate art form, as he sees it. Hitomi and Ai rescue her, get a painting they were looking for and escape before the tanker blows up.

Kiss of life

16 After The Show **

To steal a painting, Hitomi sneaks into a safe. Shortly after, Toshio comes along to guard it, not trusting the electronic surveillance. Because of a blackout, the ventilation is shut off. Using her oxygen reserve, Hitomi rescues Toshio.

Or now or never

17 The Sleeping Beauty **

Because Toshio wasn't able to make proper use of his gun, Ai gets shot at by a bank robber. So Toshio decides to quit his job. In order to force him back into action, Hitomi announces a new CE operation at the museum of a rather trigger-happy collector.

And the winner is...

18 Star Of The Kilimanjaro *

After a theft, Hitomi and Ai hide in a catch hall. They disguise as catchers and get involved in a fight. Toshio follows the fight without realizing this and even helps them out of the crowd along with their booty.

Cursed? Ha!

19 The Mongolian Falcon *

The sculpture of a falcon, said to be cursed, is guarded in the police headquarters. In order to get it, CE scare Toshio off by summoning a few holographic ghosts. Hitomi, disguised as Asatani, has no trouble picking the falcon up.

CE? Not quite...

20 Fake Cats **

On their way to a short holiday in a bungalow, Toshio and Hitomi pick up two hitchhikers. These actually had committed a theft shortly before, acting under the name of Cat's Eye.

Thanks, CE

21 The Meeting ***

In hot pursuit, Toshio falls off a church's roof. Trying to save him, Hitomi loses a locket she got from her father. Feeling that he has to, Toshio tries to arrange a meeting with CE to give the locket back. This is not lost on Asatani, who thinks she might be able to frame him.

So this is CE...?!

22 The Identikit **

After a successful operation, Hitomi saves Toshio's small cousin from a traffic accident. With her help, the police now hopes to get their first identikit picture of a CE member. A good move, if the girl just could recall...

This can't be true

23 Operation 'Ruby' ***

The father of Ai's friend is a museum director. In this function, he is held responsible for the theft of a ruby. CE being the thieves, this leads to an argument between Ai and Hitomi. In the end, Rui gives the stone back to Toshio. Why do her sisters always fall in love with the wrong men?

Want an interview?

24 Meeting At Midnight *

Before Ai's birth, Heinz went to the US. From there, he sent a vinyl record (remember those? :-) with a love message to his family. By mistake, the record got into the hands of an unnerving radio reporter, and is going to be played at a radio station. CE have to get it before it goes on the air, and thus possibly revealing CE's identity.

Skiing sculpture

25 The Snow Queen **

During their winter holiday with Toshio, the cats discover one of their father's sculptures. No need to say that Toshio won't be able to stop them.

Little of a choice

26 An Island In The Pacific (Part 1) ***

In the attempt of stealing a painting, CE as well as Toshio are captured and brought to a small island. The island's owner demands from CE that they do him a little favour. He threatens to kill Toshio should they not agree.


27 An Island In The Pacific (Part 2) ***

The island owner threatens to kill Toshio if Hitomi doesn't agree to steal some killer satellite data from a ship of the US marine. Hitomi, instead, instructs the satellite to destroy the island. Whilst trying to escape, Hitomi and Toshio get trapped underwater. Ai and Rui rescue them.

Ai in bad shape

28 The Ambush **

Whilst preparing a politician's assassination, the killers are discovered by Ai. She can escape, but is tracked down later on. Suffering from temporary amnesia, she wonders why somebody's trying to kill her. As soon as Ai's memory returns, CE strike back.

Not so fast, CE!

29 The Sigh Of Venus *

After stealing a necklace during a fashion-show, Hitomi gets caught by Asatani, and both start fighting. Hitomi gets bitten, but can escape. Asatani then heads straight to the Kisugis to look if Hitomi's got any marks on her arm. Luckily, she didn't realize she'd actually bitten Hitomi in the leg.

Ai, at last

30 Sails In The Harbour *

Ai is caught trying to steal a painting from an illegal dealer ring. As a ransom, the criminals want everything CE gathered so far. Needless to say that this is no problem for CE.

Hello, baby

31 The Kiss

Before CE can act, a gem they were looking for is stolen. In order to get to the gem, Hitomi lets herself get kidnapped by the thief. And during that time she wonders if she really made a good choice with Toshio.

Don't touch that!

32 The Fake Tiger **

Seeking for vengeance, a former victim of CE lures them into his new museum. He remains trapped as well and inadvertently triggers the bomb he prepared - after CE managed to escape.


33 Proposal Of Marriage ***

Toshio decides to get engaged to Hitomi as soon as he can manage to beat CE. Whilst trying to steal the *frame* of a painting, Hitomi loses the painting that came with it. This makes Toshio believe that he prevented a theft...

Look at this

34 Toshio's Hottest Track ***

Toshio has finally drawn the conclusion that CE are trying to restore a lost Heinz artwork collection. In order to mislead Toshio, CE steal an unsigned painting of Heinz.

The painting, please

35 On The Right Track **

Toshio discovers a painting which shows Heinz' former Japanese residence. CE want to prevent him from discovering that Heinz actually lived there and had three daughters. Therefore, a disguised Mr Nagaishi, pretending to be the owner of the painting, tries to mislead Toshio.

Good news

36 News From Father ***

An art collector and old friend of Heinz contacts CE. He tells them their father is being chased by some foreign government, but is killed before he can reveal anything substantial. CE track down the murderer in the mentioned country's embassy. Heinz' tracks now lead to Paris...

Season 2

This section contains the description of episodes 37 to 73. The change in animation quality and drawings is noticeable, and the single episodes are definitely noteworthy. However, sadly the second season goes nowhere in terms of overall story development.


37 The Fake Cat **

CE return to Japan, where a French thief is acting using their name. She wants CE to join her in her crimes. CE refuse and have to fight her, until she realizes the reason behind CE's thefts, and leaves.

After the flood

38 Watergames ***

Because of Toshio's lack of success as a detective, he's transferred to the narcotics department. CE help him arresting a drug dealer so that Toshio can return to his old department and continue the CE case.

Waiting for a train

39 Departure Half Past 8 **

An art collector kidnaps twenty kids and uses them to blackmail CE, asking them to steal some paintings for him. As the collector always travels by train, CE manage to uncouple the wagon that contains the kids and the paintings.

Is it really her...?

40 Toshio's Dream **

In the attempt of stealing a painting, Hitomi is recognised by Toshio. Ai knocks him down, but it's too late! To persuade Toshio that it was a dream, CE replay the whole situation with Hitomi wearing a mask.

Watch out

41 Operation 'Hot Dog' **

Against the will of Toshio's department, a special police unit simulates the hijacking of a plane that carries art works to lure CE into a trap. Toshio's boss does not agree and tries catching CE on his own.

Four months?!

42 One - Oh - Seven ***

A burglar (no. 107 according to the police files) breaks into Toshio's flat. Having lost all of his money (and not having paid the last four months' rent), Toshio has to leave his flat and moves to the sisters' home. There, 107 strikes again and takes a lithography CE had just stolen. CE track him down, alert Toshio and get their lithography back.

Goodbye, ladies

43 Sweet Life ***

Although Hitomi likes having Toshio around, the sisters have to get him out of their house, as he represents a danger for CE. So Rui and Ai try to make him feel uncomfortable by showing him that it's not easy to live together with three girls. At last they start arguing with each other, until Toshio leaves.

After the rescue

44 The Fake Milky Way **

CE steal a painting from a non-profit organisation and discover that it's a fake. All original paintings were exchanged with fake ones by a criminal who imprisoned the chairman and took his place. CE rescue the real chairman and get the original painting they wanted as a reward.

Which car?

45 Diamond Holidays ***

CE steal a diamond from a criminal. Being chased by the police, Ai hides it in a police car. For a trip with Hitomi Toshio takes that very car, which is then stolen by a member of a biker gang. Hitomi challenges him to race with her to get the car back. The owner of the diamond anticipates them and takes the car. CE follow him, discover a deal with counterfeit money and alert Toshio.

Hasta la vista, baby

46 The Bronze Knight *

Two criminals want to sell the art collection they gathered to the US Mafia, including one Heinz painting. One of them gets arrested. CE free him, and Hitomi accompanies him to try to find out where the painting is hidden. On their arrival, the other criminal tries to kill them. CE deliver both to the police.

Too much TV

47 Hypnosis *

By chance, a psychologist discovers CE's identity. To get their art collection, he hypnotises Ai by sending her video tapes with subliminal messages. Ai brings him some paintings, then tries to kill her sisters. As he asks Ai to lead him to the hiding-place of CE's artworks, CE frame him by leading him to a warehouse and then alerting the police. -- Featuring a crappy plot and recycled animation/backgrounds from the episodes 37 & 38, Ai's music videos are the only reason to watch this episode.

Nazis everywhere

48 Ghosts Of The Past *

A sunken German submarine from WW II is found near Japan. On board the ship were some wine bottles. Only one bottle still is intact, its label drawn by Heinz at the age of 10. An ex-Gestapo officer visits CE, pretending to be a friend of Heinz. He hopes to get the bottle with their help, being interested in a formula for poison-gas which is hidden on the reverse side of the label. The only question is: Why do the bad guys still wear their old uniforms...?

Midori is blue

49 Yokohama Blues **

The daughter of a millionaire runs from home, taking a Heinz painting with her. Ai finds her, but before she can get hold of the painting, a private detective takes the girl back home, keeping the painting for himself. Framing him in a jewellery, CE take the painting back.

Bad move, Toshio

50 The Tear From Another Star ***

Toshio, accompanied by Asatani, visits a jeweller to choose a brooch for Hitomi, who sees them and misinterprets the situation. In order to gain access to the rooms of a gang that deals with stolen jewellery, Hitomi pretends to be the daughter of a renowned gem cutter. There she hopes to find a gem that belonged to her father. Toshio observes the same gang, as they stole the brooch he'd chosen.

This won't work

51 Operation 'Groom' ***

CE announce the theft of a statue in a church. The police prepare a trap by setting up a false wedding with Toshio and Hitomi. During the wedding ceremony (and obviously before the kiss), Ai and Rui steal the statue, which turns out to be a fake. CE find the thief and get the original back.

Beauty & the beast

52 Imprisoned In A Safe **

Hitomi is invited to dinner by an art collector. She accepts the invitation to try to get a key to his safe, where a Heinz painting is stored. She is imprisoned by the collector, who turns out to be a psycho who had already kidnapped three girls. Toshio rescues Hitomi, whilst Ai and Rui get the painting behind his back.

Sticky sailor

53 Where Seagulls Pass The Winter **

A model flirts with a sailor to get access to and steal the weapons stored on board a ship of the US marine. As Hitomi gets on board to escape the police, she loses consciousness because of a gas the model spread. The necklace Hitomi just stole is taken from her. The sailor is arrested, but freed by CE, who believe in his innocence. Hitomi too is convinced that the model is innocent. They eventually find the model, who shoots the sailor.

Tell me...

54 Winter Glow-Worm *

A thief always leaves a glow-worm at the jeweller's stores he visits. His boss is a woman who is meeting regularly with Toshio's chief to get all information about the current police operations. To help Toshio, CE try to frame the woman, who manages to escape in an helicopter. The thief she left behind shoots at the helicopter, which crashes in a volcano.

Guess the password

55 Passwords ***

A plan of action to get hold of CE during their next operation is stored in a computer at the police station. Three passwords (chosen by Toshio, Asatani and the Chief respectively) are needed to access the data. Rui and Ai try to delay the Chief and Asatani and to find out the passwords, until Hitomi, at the police station with Toshio, manages to gain access.

Ai at work

56 The Violin **

Ai's new classmate inherited a violin from his father, who was a friend of Heinz. The violin was part of the Heinz collection. As his bodyguard tries to kill the heir to get the violin, CE rescue him. As a reward they receive the instrument.

Dangerous look

57 In The Parliament *

Just before CE can steal a Heinz painting, the owner is killed and the painting gone. The police think that CE are the killers. The theft was done on behalf of a representative, who hides the painting in the parliament. CE get the painting back.

It's really Hitomi

58 The Informer ***

CE want to get a painting that was stolen by an art dealer, but can't bypass his security systems. Therefore, a disguised Hitomi, pretending to be an informer, convinces Toshio to search the dealer's house. Not wanting the police to discover his collection, the dealer moves it out of the house. This gives CE the opportunity they wanted. Although Toshio seemed to have fallen in love with the informer, he decides to stay with Hitomi (much to her delight).

Rui & company

59 Happiness Of A Mother **

An artist is forced by his sponsor to exchange original paintings with copies he made, including a Heinz painting. This is discovered by CE. Investigating, Rui falls in love with the artist, but decides to stay with her sisters instead of leaving with him.

Who is who?

60 April Fool ***

A drug dealer buys a statue to lure CE, whom he wants dead. To arrest the dealer, Toshio replaces the hired killer and asks Ai, Hitomi and Rui to play the part of CE. CE take this opportunity to snatch the statue.

She's a pain, really

61 Lady-Killer ***

A new police officer (attractive but simple-minded) falls in love with Toshio, which offends Hitomi. On the other hand, Hitomi has to flirt with a doctor to get invited to a party on board a ship, where a painting CE are interested in is stored. But as Hitomi loves Toshio after all, they will get back together in the end. -- The new officer adds little to the CE plot, but you will die laughing watching this episode. :-)

Ai's teacher is ready

62 The Emergency Man *

Chased by the police, CE hide a gem they've stolen in a football, at Ai's school. The ball is used the next day in a match between Toshio's police department and the school team. Both CE and the former owner of the gem participate to get the gem back. CE manage to exchange the football.

Nice hat, Toshio

63 A New Boss **

Because they weren't able to catch CE, Toshio and Asatani are transferred to other departments. Toshio's boss is replaced and degraded to washing police cars. Wanting to continue the CE case, they try to arrest CE during their next operation. They fail, but Toshio manages to get the stolen necklace back. So it's back to the old department...

Thanks, partner

64 Junior ***

For a few days Toshio has to keep his neighbours' son. As CE announce a new theft, Toshio asks Hitomi to do the baby-sitting. CE cancel their operation as the boy gets sick. They decide to take the boy with them on their next trip. With a little luck, he helps them to get the golden pitcher they wanted.


65 Long Live The Old

Just for fun, an old rich couple pretends to be menaced by criminals. As they hear that CE is interested in two rings they own, they feign one of them is kidnapped and blame CE. Eventually, CE receive the rings as a sort of excuse for the trouble.

Dance above Tokyo

66 Flight To Tokyo ***

A corrupt politician will receive a Heinz painting during a party on board a zeppelin. Wanting to arrest the politician and anticipating a move by CE, the police have to be present. So Toshio has to cancel his date with a very disappointed Hitomi. During the party, Toshio dances with a veiled girl (not realizing she's Hitomi) shortly before CE strike again.

Winning team

67 Beauty Contest *

Rui, Hitomi, Ai and Asatani participate in a beauty contest, as the first price is a necklace from the Heinz collection. Unfortunately, Asatani wins the contest, so CE have to take it from her.


68 A Hiding Place *

A thief is released after spending ten years in jail. Unfortunately, the police station was built on the very spot where he'd buried the booty. To gain access, he molests Hitomi, and gets arrested by Toshio. His former accomplices snatch the booty, including one Heinz painting, but are stopped by CE.

Nice make-up

69 Not A Prince **

To check the security system at an exhibition without being recognized by Toshio and Asatani, Hitomi disguises as a man. Just then a robber takes a school girl as a hostage and aims his gun at Asatani. Hitomi's intervention saves them. They both fall in love with the "male" CE member, something that Hitomi finds less amusing than her sisters.

Rui, the shark

70 Sunken Treasures **

CE at the beach! This time they're looking for a sunken treasure of their father. Unfortunately, Toshio manages to come with them, hoping for a nice holiday with Hitomi. To make matters worse, they're not the only ones looking for the treasure.


71 The Crystal Goddess ***

CE find out that a Heinz painting, exposed in a museum, is a fake. Furthermore, the museum owner, looking for a political career, announces that he will reveal CE's identity at a live TV show, thanks to a video camera that taped CE's operation. Hitomi, of course, wants Toshio to find out who CE is.

Was it worth it?

72 The Trap *

Classical, somehow unspectacular episode about CE trying to get at yet another jewel in a high-tech museum.


73 Theatre ***

A theatre play Ai wrote about Cat's Eye is going to be performed. For us, this play is meant to have the function of a fictitious finale. (Well, the series is fictitious anyway, isn't it? :-) Ai actually selects the cast very carefully... the actors playing themselves: Toshio, his chief, Asatani, and CE of course. It's a great opportunity for CE to grab a ring one actress will be wearing.