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Welcome to my little corner of the web, boring the community since 1995. Thanks to the Open Source Web Design community and the Core Elements web page template, which is the starting point for this one. These pages validate as XHTML 1.0 strict and CSS.


Music: The Demo Songs

Feel free to download and/or listen to my songs for personal use. All recordings are © by Alessio Sapora (except where indicated otherwise).

Studio: Gear and Usability

General statements are somewhat useless as far as creativity is concerned, because creativity is the kingdom of utterly personal concepts. For me, creativity and usability go hand in hand.

Visual Novels: Finished and Upcoming

This page will list the results of my foray into the realm of interactive storytelling a.k.a. Visual Novel (VN) authoring.

Cat's Eye: The anime and manga classic

"Cat's Eye" is the name of a manga by Tsukasa Hojo as well as an anime by Tokyo Movie Shinsha (TMS) and Nippon Television. The first manga episode was published in "Shonen Jump" magazine in 1981.



Feel free to contact me at <alessio dot sapora at gmx dot de>. Sorry for the cryptical format, it keeps the amount of spam mails to a minimum.