Visual Novels


Little by little, this page will list the results of my foray into the realm of Visual Novel (VN) authoring. Thanks to the extremely powerful Ren'Py Visual Novel Interpreter (open source) and the support of the Lemma Soft Forums, creating your own Visual Novel has become a breeze. (Well, not quite... you still have to do the rest of the work.) This first step of mine took a while, but in the end resulted in the release of a 70-minute story in 2006.

News tidbits

Completed Visual Novels

GO! Magical Boy

Genre: Comedy/Magical girl parody
First Release Date: 2006-03-29
Playtime: approx. 70 minutes
Category: BxG (bishoujo), VN (Visual Novel)
Rating: all ages
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix (cross-platform ZIP file)
License: Free (Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.5)


GO! Magical Boy Screenshot 0   GO! Magical Boy Screenshot 1   GO! Magical Boy Screenshot 2


Life would be pretty nice if it wasn't for the fact that you seem to be the wrong person in the wrong place at the wrong time. You just moved, have made no friends yet, are late for dinner, and about to bump into the scariest situation you could have imagined. On top of that, a strange woman picks you up and burdens you with an impossible task. And boy, now you're really late for dinner. Did I mention the girls? No? Well, there's even more trouble ahead.


Visual Novels in Progress


Genre: Science Fiction, suspense
Release Date: Tentative, 2017
Playtime: approx. 120 minutes
Category: GxB (bishounen), VN (Visual Novel)
Rating: 13+
Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux/Unix

Concept art/screenshots

Cyberlin early concept art   Cyberlin main menu   Cyberlin character


Started in April 2006, Cyberlin is based on an interactive short story I originally wanted to release as a text-only adventure. Daytime job, other hobbies, and family are slowing development down, but as of February 2016, work is still progressing. You can follow up on the status and ask questions in the Cyberlin development thread.

Visual Novel Resources

If you are interested and want to find out more about Visual Novels and Ren'Ai games, have a look at The Ren'Ai Archives and for downloadable Visual Novels. New releases are also often posted in the Completed Ren'ai Games discussion thread at the Lemma Soft Forums.

If you want to start writing your own Visual Novel, you will need the Ren'Py Visual Novel Interpreter, some support from the always helpful people at the Lemma Soft Forums, and a bit of talent (or, at least, talented team members). On the graphical side of things, I found The GIMP to be a very recommendable program for image processing.

Additional good resources are the image repositories Stock.XCHNG and Morguefile, as well as the sound sample database freesound. For a crash-course in drawing, I recommend the two "Draw Your Own Manga" books (All The Basics and Beyond The Basics) by Nagatomo Harumo. And if you're getting serious, a scanner and a drawing tablet would be a good idea, too.