Liisa's Show Review:
Bruce Springsteen at Ullevi, Gothenburg, Sweden, Friday July 27th, 2012
When the Ullevi audience knew exactly what to do

2012 Liisa Sarakontu,

I'm writing this over a week and two far superior shows after I saw this show. I already thought of not writing about it, but then this is a very important show although the setlist is quite average. Without this show, there wouldn't have been Gothenburg #2 and without either of these, there wouldn't have been Helsinki.

A beautiful day, a good number on my hand (#157), lots of good friends around and the Swedish pit line is this time far closer to "well organized" than "total disaster", and so everything is okay. This is the first show on this tour to many Finns present, and just few of us have already been in Germany, France or other countries where Bruce has performed this summer.

The show starts quite normally, although the setlist is very good, when you think it: Promised Land, Prove It, Cover Me, Something and especially My Love Will Not Let You Down. We are happy at the front rail just under the crane cam, which seemed to cause some problems to the crew in the beginning of the show. WTCOOO, Wrecking Ball, Death to my Hometown.

Then we'll get My City of Ruins, like always. You know, these Swedes used to have that habit that whenever Clarence did a longer solo, Swedes bowed to him. Now we get to the point when it is time to remember the ones who are missing, and now pay attention, this is the important part: These Swedes now bow to Clarence's spot. All the effing Ullevi field of 40 000 fans is now bowing in unison (and we Finns bow with them, naturally). Just look at them screens! This is something bigger than life.

It takes a while for Bruce to figure out what is happening, and after that it takes a while for him to be able to react to it in any way. First he just mumbles something like "I'll join you" and does some bows himself. After it, he isn't able to do the "if we are here and you are here, then they are here" part properly and just walks quietly while the ESB plays. After the song, he says several times just "wow" and stays far longer than normal at his watering booth trying to gather himself.

Bruce thanks the audience while still clearly moved, and then we are back to your normal setlist. That was a huge emotional moment for the audience and for Bruce, but now this show again runs on its rails like it was supposed to run. After this we still do get excellent songs like Drive ll Night (my first, yes! Oh shit, look at those light spot in the audience! My cell phone joins, too!) and Rosalita in the encores, but still this show lists as more or less "average set list, but quite good performances, better than average overall but not among the epic ones" and even that My City of Ruins moment was forgotten by most of the audience - but clearly not by Bruce.

This little moment of Swedes doing what they just decided to do that moment was something important. It was a nice feeling to be a part of it, and a day later it turned out that that might have been something which perhaps has helped Bruce finally to get over mourning for Clarence and just start to celebrate the fact that he himself is still alive and able to perform with the greatest band there has ever been.

Over and out. I'm not going through the rest of the setlist. Let's move to the next day.

Set list

Show start 20:30

Morricone Intro
1. Promised Land
2. Prove It All Night
3. Cover Me
4. Something in the Night
5. My Love Will Not Let You Down
6. We Take Care of Our Own
7. Wrecking Ball
8. Death to My Hometown
9. My City of Ruins
10. Spirit in the Night
11. Girls in Their Summer Clothes (tour premiere)
12. Jack of All Trades
13. Youngstown
14. Murder Incorporated
15. Johnny 99
16. Working on the Highway
17. Darlington County
18. Shackled and Drawn
19. Waiting on a Sunny Day
20. Drive All Night (tour premiere)
21. The Rising
22. Radio Nowhere
23. Badlands

24. We Are Alive
25. Born in the U.S.A.
26. Born to Run
27. Rosalita
28. Seven Nights to Rock
29. Dancing in the Dark
30. 10th Avenue Freeze Out
31. Twist and Shout

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