Liisa's Show Review:
Bruce Springsteen at Ullevi, Gothenburg, Sweden, Saturday July 28th, 2012
Lost in the flood here in Jungleland

2012 Liisa Sarakontu,

Have you ever seen the rain coming down like this? Washing away all our sins, all the stuff that wasn't secured to us and the glue from the seams of our shoes. And still stood outdoors, listening in awe to thunder cracks and a soundcheck from the big Ullevi stadium? That rain was so incredibly hard that it wasn't even annoying, it was just epic. We somehow guessed that it was more or less suitable start for this show!

Not a big surprise that Who'll Stop the Rain was the starter tonight. We in the pit have been standing for more than 4 hours due to the rain and very wet Ullevi floor, but that doesn't matter right now, time to raise your hands and start jumping and shouting! Then The Ties That Bind, Out in the Street and Downbound Train! Here at Ullevi all it ever does is rain! Okay, the rain has actually stopped well before the show started, but everything is still soaking wet. What a rocking start, now all the few dry clothes we might have had are getting soaked in sweat! Luckily it is quite warm.

And the ESB train rolls on these tracks: I'm Goin' Down and My Lucky Day are another suitable rockers. Then a fine Lost in the Flood, like we had guessed when still standing outdoors! Good! WTCOOO, Wrecking Ball, Death to My Hometown and again My City of Ruins. The bowing doesn't work as fine today and as now Bruce was clearly expecting it, this moment isn't as strong as yesterday. But it still makes him speechless again and he thanks the audience humbly.

It's Hard to be a Saint in the City, excellent! And then Frankie, oh god what a setlist! It is very clear that this is Bruce's way to thank us for yesterday. Never mind the normal show setlist, now it is time to play requests and whatever fun stuff comes to his mind. Poor band, but they have clearly practiced quite a lot of this this new stuff (Frankie was soundchecked).

The River reveals that Bruce indeed has cold, as he can't do the falsetto part in the end. He tries to start it twice, but ends up letting the audience to do all the ooh-ooh-ooh moaning part. But luckily his voice is good for about everything else, as this is followed by Because the Night, Lonesome Day and Hungry Heart, a nice hit potpourri for those who haven't seen that many shows.

Shackled and Drawn, Waiting on a Sunny Day (today he finds a kid to sing unlike yesterday) and yes yes yes, Where the Bands Are! Another soundchecked rare gem! What is this, oh, Backstreets, the very numero uno on my never-heard-this list! I can't remember during which song I first started getting moist eyes tonight, but by now I am totally bawling. No use to try to find tissues which might have survived the flood few hours ago, I'm wiping my face to my already wet sleeves. Badlands and Land of Hope and Dreams end the main set. Snif.

Encores start with Thunder Road (more crying). Now, finally Born in the USA sounded like it should, straight from the very beginning: my kidneys felt like they started vibrating to Max's beat. And what an extended drum solo in the end! With that greenish screen and strobo lights, this is actually like Vietnam War in movies. I have never before felt like crying during this song, but tonight everything will do. Followed by totally epic Born to Run.

Let's roadhouse! Time to Ramrod! Time for Bruce & the band to dance and fool around on the stage! Then Dancing in the Dark and 10th Avenue Freeze Out.

Bruce says that they are now ready to do something special, because Sweden was so important for Clarence. They have practised this earlier, but only now they are ready for this: JUNGLELAND! Something I thought I would never hear again! Bruce sings so beautifully, and look at Jake standing there so still, excited (or scared?) when waiting for his part. Then Steve's guitar solo, and then... Oh wow, Jake. Shit, those wails in the end sound like Bruce is really crying for something too fucking big to die. Dammit, look at them hugging each others after this, look at other band members coming to them and patting Jake's shoulders! I don't believe there were any dry eyes at Ullevi after this, not in the audience or on stage.

Naturally that wasn't a proper song to end this show which was celebrating the fact that life goes on, and so after the band has bowed to us and gathered themselves, we still get another stadium breaking Twist and Shout. Bruce's voice sounds hoarse, but no matter, the audience seems to be singing most parts anyway.

This, like, was The Show To See. And we were lucky enough to be present. Bruce is probably now past most of the mourning for Clarence, and this Swedish audience really helped him to do it.

Set list

Intro Music
1. Who'll Stop the Rain
2. The Ties That Bind
3. Out in the Street
4. Downbound Train
5. I'm Goin' Down
6. My Lucky Day
7. Lost in ther Flood (request, tour premiere)
8. We Take Care of Our Own
9. Wrecking Ball
10. Death to My Hometown
11. My City of Ruins
12. It's Hard to be a Saint in the City
13. Frankie (request, tour premiere)
14. The River
15. Because the Night
16. Lonesome Day
17. Hungry Heart
18. Shackled and Drawn
19. Waiting on a Sunny Day
20. Where the Bands Are (tour premiere)
21. Backstreets
22. Badlands
23. Land of Hope and Dreams

24. Thunder Road
25. Born in the USA
26. Born to Run
27. Ramrod
28. Dancing in the Dark
29. 10th Avenue Freeze Out
30. Jungleland (tour premiere)
31. Twist and Shout

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