Lapponian Herder and prcd-PRA

2006 Liisa Sarakontu

This is a short English summary of Lapinporokoira ja prcd-PRA. That Finnish page is about prcd-type PRA in Lapponian Herder breed.

The first list mentions all the Lapponian Herders which have been this far tested for type prcd PRA and whose names have been published officially or unofficially on any forum.

The name of the dog is mentioned first, and then the registration number (if known). u/n means male/female. After that comes the letter, which tells the PRA status. The color of the name also tells the status. The names of the parents are also shown with same color codes.

blue = healthy or type A
green = carrier or type B
red = affected or type C

The list is updated when I hear of new results. I can be reached by email

Herders with known prcd status

Second list is about dogs who have not been tested, but whose prcd PRA status is known because their parents are tested.

Herders, which have to be (at least) carriers

Third list mentions all the non-tested Herders, which are known to be at least carriers due to their tested relatives. These dogs have one of the following:
- offspring tested as C/affected
- parent tested as C/affected
- offspring tested as B/carrier, and the other parent has been tested as A/healthy.

The rest of the page has just some text about the history of the Optigen test and tells how important it is to test your Herder.