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This is a collection of links to sites which which might interest a color genetics hobbyist. The links are presented by species, and under some species there are first links to general color genetics pages and then links to pages about special colors and patterns in that species. The quality of these pages varies a lot from small photo galleries to vast genetic resources. Last checked and updated 2004-09-03.

Avian Genetics by Anthony Olzewski
a theoretical text about genetics

Color Morphs by Harry and Henry Lehto
a photo gallery of weird-coloured wild birds

Genetic Calculator 1.1 by Martin Rasek
calculates possible offspring colors for several species

Waterfowl - Sorsalinnut, Anseriformes

Muscovy Duck - Myskisorsa (Cairina moschata)

Muscovy Duck genes and comments by Sellers family
shortish text, lots of gene names

Mallard (Domestic Duck) - Sinisorsa (Ankka) (Anas platyrhynchos)

Domestic Duck genes and comments by Sellers family
shortish text, lots of gene names

Some Color Genetics of Common Ducks by Wilmer Jay Miller
a kind of breeding table's%20WebPage/BioSience/duckprob.htm

Gallinaceous Birds - Kanalinnut, Galliformes

Turkey - Kalkkuna (Meleagris gallopavo)

Turkey genes and comments by Sellers family
short text, gene names

Indian Blue Quail - Siniviiriäinen (Coturnix chinensis)

Mutations of the Button Quail by Garrie Landry and Chris Rogers
all color mutations in this species, good text, pics

Domestic Chicken - Kana (Gallus gallus)

Poultry Genetics for the Nonprofessional by Sellers family
a collection of stuff about genetics and chicken, good

Plumage Color in Chickens by Michéle Tixier-Boichard et al
a very short and scientific text

Chicken Color Genetics by Wilmer Jay Miller
a kind of color table + some comments about silkie breed's%20WebPage/SILKYCHI.htm

The Making of the BBRed Rosecomb by Katherine Plumer
about a bantam breed

Common Pheasant - Fasaani (Phasianus colchinus)

Ring-necked Pheasant genes and comments by Sellers family
shortish text, lots of gene names

Helmeted Guineafowl - Helmikana (Numida meleagris)

Guinea fowl genes and comments by Sellers family
shortish text, lots of gene names

Color descriptions and photos by Mason Hatchery
color descriptions and pics here, check the genetics page too

Common Peafowl - Riikinkukko (Pavo cristatus)

Peafowl Genetics - Its No Secret Anymore by 3 Peas Bird Farm
terminology + genetics, no pics

Blue Indian Peafowl by Barry
a pic gallery of color variaties

Description of Peafowl Breeds and Mutations by Pheasant Pen
just descriptions of color morphs, no pics

Pigeons and Doves - Kyyhkylinnut, Columbiformes

(Rock) Pigeon - Kalliokyyhky (Pulu/kesykyyhky) (Columba livia)

Tom's Genetic Page by Tom Barnhart
pigeon color mutations described, some pics, good links!

Pigeon Genetics by Frank Mosca
lots of genetics stuff, pics

The Feral Domestic Pigeon by Wilmer Jay Miller
a short article mostly about colors's%20WebPage/feral_pigeons.htm

Some Color-Pattern Phenotypes in the Domestic Pigeon by Wilmer Jay Miller
a kind of breeding table

ABC of Pigeons' Gene List by Wilmer Jay Miller
list of pigeon genes

Rare Color Homing Pigeons by Ron Huntley
a nice site with LOTS of good pics and links

Ring-necked Dove - (kesy) Turkinkyyhky (Streptopelia risoria)

Genetics of the Ringneck Dove by Wilmer Jay Miller
colors and their genetics

Genotypes and Description of Ringneck Plumage Colors and ... by Wilmer Jay Miller
some genetics behind known colors

Table of Contents by International Dove Society
a series of articles including genetics

Diamond Dove - Timanttikyyhky (Geopelia cuneata)

The Doamond Dove by Garrie P. Landry
article with very good pics of color morphs

Table of Contents by International Dove Society
a series of articles including genetics

Parrots - Papukaijat, Psittaciformes

Colour in the Parrots by Clive Hesford
a long series of articles, mostly about budgies

Uniform names for Colour Mutants by Wessel Louw van der Veen
naming system for parrot colors

Fallow colour morphs in Parrots by Terry Martin
fallow colors in several species

The Nature of the Opaline Locus by Terry Martin
opaline in Australian parrots

Cockatiel - Neitokakadu (Nymphicus hollandicus)

Cockatiel Genetics by Alan D. Mason
very long and scientific stuff, no pics

The Primary Colour Varieties by Clive Hesford
long and rather good, no pics

Cockatiel Color Genetics by David M. Slater
rather good, but no pics

Color in Cockatiels by Anthony Olszewski
short text, no pics

The Cockatiel Color Palette by Kirsten Munson
nice color morph descriptions with paintings

Cockatiel Mutation Project by The Parrot Pages
stuff about colors, breeding tables

The Greygreen or "Olive" Cockatiel by Clive Hesford
a new color mutation

The Mutations Reading Room by NCS
lots of articles about different colors

Red-rumped Parrot - Savanniparatiisikaija (Psephotus haematonotus)

The Pied Redrump Parrot by Terry Martin
a color mutation in this species

Red-fronted Parakeet - Uudenseelanninviherkaija (Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae)

Breeding the Golden Yellow Splendid Parakeet by Clive Hesford
a color mutation in this species

Swift Parrot - Piikkipyrstökaija (Lathamus discolor)

Mutations of the Swift Parakeet by Dirk van den Abeele
mutations in this species

Budgerigar - Undulaatti (Melopsittacus undulatus)

The Budgie by dhansen
a collection of genetics and color stuff, descriptions of varieties

Genetics of Budgerigars by Dolores Noonan
collection of good articles!

Genetics & Colour Breeding for Budgerigars by Ghalib Al-Nasser
rather good text, no pics

Genetics and Colour by Eric Mapp
a short article, no pics

The Texas Clearbody budgerigar by Clive Hesford
a dilution gene

The Par-ino Varieties by Clive Hesford
par-ino, lacewing and cinnamon

Gene function in Yellowface Budgerigars by Peter Bergman
yellowface pattern, rather long

The facts about Violet Budgerigars by Peter Bergman
violets, skyblues, cobalts

The Opaline Factor by Clive Hesford
about opaline

The Saddleback Variety by Barry Ryan
a new mutation, b/w drawings

Pigmentary Disorders by Inte Onsman
scientific stuff about some color mutations

Lovebirds - Kaijaset (Agapornis spp.)

Lovebird Genetics by African Lovebird Society
list of color mutations in lovebird species

Fischer's Lovebird - Viktoriankaijanen (Agapornis fischeri)

The Edged Fischer's Lovebird by Dirk van den Abeele
color mutations - text, no pics

Peachfaced Lovebird - Ruusukaijanen (Agapornis roseicollis)

Peach-faced Lovebird Genetics Calculator by Doug Bedwell
enter the color of parents and see results

Simple Peach-face Love Bird Genetics by Gwen
a breeding table with some drawings

Rose-ringed Parakeet - Kauluskaija (Psittacula krameri)

Genetics Information & Color Chart by Larry Munchrath
short text about variations and some pics

Breeding Indian Ringneck Mutations by Linda Greeson
basics, no pics

Ringneck Primary Color Varieties by Clive Hesford
very short

The Dark Green and Cobalt Ringnecks by Clive Hesford
two varieties

For "Cobalt" read - Violet by Clive Hesford
another bluish mutation

Monk Parakeet (Quaker Parrot) - Munkkiaratti (Myiopsitta monachus)

Genetics by EFA
basic stuff about genetics, colors in this species

Barred Parakeet - Raita-aratti (Bolborhynchus lineola)

Lineolated Parakeets by Whispering Wings Aviary
color varieties with pics

Pacific Parrotlet - Equadorinaranen (Forpus coelestis)

Color Mutation Pacific Parrotlets by Sandee Molenda
nice article, pics

Parrotlet Color Mutations by Gloria Balaban
a pic gallery and color descriptions

Passerines - Varpuslinnut, Passeriformes

Canary - Kanarialintu (Serinus canarius)

Canaries of Color by Canaris Pleasures
a nice text, genes and pics

Some Plumage Color Genetics in the Canary by Wilmer
just a kind of breeding table

Color and Genetics by Anthony Olszewski
just a short text, basic stuff

Spotted-sided finch (Zebra Finch) - Seeprapeippo (Poephila guttata)

Color Varieties of Zebra Finches by Garrie Landry
good texts and pics

Color Mutants in Zebra Finches by Wilmer Jay Miller
a good-looking article, a couple of pics

Gouldian Finch - Harlekiinipeippo (Chloebia gouldiae)

Lady Gouldian Genetics by Finchinfo
breeding tables, gene names, lovely drawings, good!

Head Color Inheritance in Gouldian Finches by John Wilson and Robert Clark
a nice article, no pics

Gouldian Finch Head Colors by Luis Garcia
short, not bad but has mistakes in terminology

Head Color - Ingeritance in Gouldian Finches by Robert Clark & John Wilson
a nice article with terminology explained, no pics

A Guide to Gouldian Colour Variants by Graham Tulk
some text and a breeding table, no pics

Dark Factor Gouldians by Graham Tulk
an article about new color variant, pics too

White-backed Munia - Valkoperämanikki (Lonchura striata)

Society Finches by Garrie Landry
some text and a photo gallery of variaties

Java Sparrow - Riisipeippo (Padda oryzivora)

The Java Sparrow by Garrie Landry
a nice collection of pics

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