Canine Color Genetics Links - Koirien värigenetiikkaa englanniksi

This is a collection of links to sites which which might interest a color genetics hobbyist. Most of the links have to do with one breed, and the breeds are listed according to FCI breed grouping. The quality of these pages varies a lot from small photo galleries to vast genetic resources. Last checked and updated 2004-08-30.

General articles
Group 1 - Sheepdogs and Cattledogs
Group 2 - Pinschers, Schnauzers, Moloss type and Swiss Cattledogs
Group 3 - Terriers
Group 4 - Dachshunds
Group 5 - Spitz and primitive types
Group 6 - Scent Hounds and related breeds
Group 7 - Pointing Dogs
Group 8 - Retrievers, Flushing Dogs, Water Dogs
Group 9 - Companions and Toys
Group 10 - Sighthounds

General articles - Yleisjutut

Genetics of Coat Color in Dogs by Sheila Schmutz
nice article with good pics, all basic colors and patterns.

Animal Genetics by Sue Ann Bowling
genetics articles about colors and other stuff. very good.

Deafness in Dogs & Cats by George M. Strain
some stuff about merle and spotting.

Dog Color Genetics Primer by Tenset Technologies
a rather nice article + a program for color prediction

Vetgen - color testing etc.

Healthgene - color testing etc.

FCI group 1 - Sheepdogs and Cattledogs

GSD Color and Heredity by Victoria J. and Holly Stowe
GSD color genetics - old but rather nice

Color genetics by John Ayotte
GSD color genetics, rather short but good

Coat Colors In The German Shepherd Dog by Sahiela
stuff about GSD colors, not bad.

German Shepherd Patterns, Colors, Coat Lengths & More by Al Shep (?)
a very nice color pic gallery

Coat Color Genetics (White Shepherd by Jim Glassmoyer
an article about GSD colors, with a theory about white

Genetics (Belgian Shepherd Dog) by Mara Lee Jiles
not bad article, colors and coat types

Belgian Color Genetics by J. Decker
short genetics article, some punnett squares

Coat Colour Inheritance Chart (Belgians) by Lynda Trotter
a table with cute little pics

The Inheritance of Coat Colour in the Australian Cattle Dog by H J Hewson-Fruend
nice article about colors, some ACD pics

Inherited Coat Colors of the Australian Cattle Dog by Ida Parmer
rather nice site with pics

Genetic Inheritance of Coat Colour in Australian Cattle Dogs by Carolwyn Beckett
a rather poor article just about "red" and "blue"

Colours of Working Kelpies by Erin Caterson
just about tanpoint pattern and its variations, few pics

Colours of the Working Kelpie by Mary and Stephen Bilson
long text and pics about pattern variation in breed, no genetics

Coat Colors of the Australian Kelpie by Ida Parmer
a rather nice photo collection with texts

A Field Guide to Coloration of Australian Shepherds by Lisa McDonald
huge pic collection, rather good text

White-linked Deafness in Australian Shepherds by Pam Bethurum
spotting gene(s), deafness

Australian Shepherd coloration by Kristin Tara McNamara
pics, several nice pages but some mistakes

Coats and Colors (Collie) by Southland Collie Rescue
short text, not bad

Color Chart of White Collie by Crowned Kennel
about white collies, short

Photo list of Shelties by Sue Ann Bowling
pic collection with genetic explanations

Sheltie Coat Color Genes by Susan F. Morris
nice article with some drawings

The Sheltie Photo Album by Mary Jo Sminkey
just pics and color names

The Border Collie Museum by Carole Presburg
lots of good pics, no genetic explanations but otherwise ok text

Collie Corner - Border Collie picture gallery by Sharon Webley
face portraits of numerous colors/patterns

Colours in the Bearded Collie by ?
very short text

Colour paling ... in the Bearded Collie by Marlene Pritchard
text abour G-type silvering

Cardigan Colors by Cathy Ochs-Cline
weird terminology, lovely pics, not bad

Understanding Coat Color Inheritance in the Cardigan Welsh Corgi by Steve & Marieann Gladstone
not bad, but some weird (breed-based) terminology.

Coat and Colors of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi by ?
nice pics, short text.

Coat Color Inheritance in the Pembroke Welsh Corgi by Patti Gustafsson
longish text, no pics

Color (Briard) by
short text, some good pics.

Some Words About The Fakó Mudi by Katalin Matyóka
short article about yellow (fakó) in breed

The Story of the White Mudi in a Nutshell by Edina Lakatos
short article about white in breed

On Behalf Of The Brown Mudi by Zsófia Balázs et al
short article about bb brown in breed

Pumi Colours by Szürkebarát kennel
long, nice article, lots of good photos

Life After Color (Schipperke) by Don Nielsen
about color testing (E/e) in this breed

FCI group 2 - Pinschers, Schnauzers, Moloss type and Swiss Cattledogs

Doberman Pinscher Color Inheritance Chart by W. Donald Thompson

Facts About Albino Dobermans by Ione L. Smith
about problems with white Dobermanns

Miniature Pinscher Color Coat Genetics by jagart's Enclave
about colors in this breed, lot sof mistakes especially in gene names

Genetics of Coat Color in the Giant Schnauzer by Kail Mackiernam
long, rather good text, no pics

Genetics of Colour of the Miniature Schnauzer by Catherine McMillan
shortish, no pics.

The Heredity of Colour in Miniature Schnauzers by Catherine McMillan
all colors, also white

Punnit Squares showing color inheritance theories by Catherine McMillan
(Miniature Schnauzer) just Punnett squares and some text.

Colors in Boxers by numerous authors
a large collection of Boxer color articles

Generic Determinations of Colors in Boxers by Theresa Garton
short article, no pics

The White Pages by Kathryn Isler
another collection on Boxer color articles, mostly about white

Bulldog Coat Color by
just a photo gallery of different patterns

The Inheritance of Coat Color in the Shar-Pei by J.E. James
no pics, long and partially old text, not bad

No Good Dog is a Bad Color (Shar-Pei) by Jennifer Jewell
spotting pattern aka "flowered" pattern in the breed

Colors of the Chinese Shar-Pei by Tina Wissen
descriptions of colors in the breed, no pics

The Shar Pei Photo Gallery by Shar Pei Club of Gauteng
a good photo gallery and short color descriptions, no genetics

Colors & Patterns (Great Japanese Dog) by AkitaCentral
a nice photo gallery with pattern names, no genetics

Akita Colors (Great Japanese Dog) by Tamarlane
just some text about pattern names

Approved Colors (Great Japanese Dog) by Finnish GJD Club
a small photo gallery

Great Dane Genetics - Harlequin, Merle, White and Deafness by Ann Greavu
nice articles, some good pics, also overall genetics. Good.

Danes of a different color... by Great Dane rescue?
pics of mismarks

Chromadane links
huge link collection, many Great Dane color links

Color in the Bullmastiff by B.G. Wilton
short text, no pics

Dudley Bullmastiffs by Joan Davis
short text about bb and dd in breed

Color Inheritance in the Old English Mastiff by Bill Hood
nice text, breeding statistics

Mastiff Coat Colour by David F. Collinson
just text

Coat and Color (Newfoundland) by Newfoundland Club of America
descriptions of the colors in breed standard, some drawings

Coat Color Genetics in Tibetan Mastiffs by Charles W. Radcliffe and M. J. Taylor
nice head shots, dominos!!!

Colour Manifesto parts 1-3 (Tibetan Mastiff) by Doug Williams
a three-part article about colors and standard of the breed

Coat Color Inheritance in the Anatolian Shepherd Dog by Mary M. Ewald
basic genetics, no pics

Anatolian Shepherd - Dog Coat Color Page by Erick Conard
nice stuff to read

Inheritance of coat colour in the Anatolian Shepherd dog by Roy Robinson
short article, no pics

FCI group 3 - Terriers

Development of Coloration in the Rat Terrier by ?
rather good overall genetics stuff

A Study of the Tan Rat Terrier by Julia Kleutsch
about clear sable and ee in breed, pics

Rat Terrier Colors Photo Guide by Gail Hollloway
colors in the breed, just one photo page

The basics of coat color and pattern by Holly R. Steel
all about colors and patterns in the Jack Russell Terrier

Colours (in Bull Terrier) by Bullskull's
a photo gallery with color names + some text

Our Colors Variety (Am Staff) by rocosue(?)
a photo gallery of some colors/patterns in this breed

Tanpoint Pattern in the American Pit Bull Terrier by Ed & Chris Faron
about tanpoint and related patterns in the breed

The Basics of Coat Color Genetics for the Kerry Blue and the Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers by Neil O'Sullivan
interesting mismarks

Scottish Terriers by Melanie Goetz
just "Little" theories with their normal mistakes, no pics

Genetics of Coat Color of the Yorkshire Terrier by Cher Hildebrand
b/t versus solid and G versus gg explained - with horrible music!

FCI group 4 - Dachshunds

Dachshund Colors and Patterns by Dorothy Mooney (?)
good text, good pics

What is a Dappled Dachshund ? by Callie Abel-Bagshaw
about merle, spotted and brindle in Doxies - not too good

Dachshund Colors and Patterns by Jon Kimsey
rather good descriptions of accepted colors and patterns

Colors (in Dachshund) by Starlight Kennel
a photo gallery with text descriptions

FCI group 5 - Spitz and primitive types

Colored Keeshonden by Britta Schweikl-Ecklmayr
history and colors in Keeshonden

Our Colored Keeshonden by Suzette Lefevbre
about weird colors in Keessies

German Spitz Colors by SKKY
a photo gallery with color names, no genetics

Pomeranians in a Variety of Colors by Susan Murley
just descriptions of colors in breed

Different Colors and Markings (Pomeranian) by Meipoms
just a photo gallery with color names

Siberian Husky Color Genetics by Ginny Emrich Rice (Hernandez site)
huge gallery with good photos, but lots of mistakes in the text.

Coat Color Identification Guidelines by Siberian Husky Club of America
short descriptions of Husky colors

Siberian husky Colors by Kossok/Alice J. Watt
very good pics, but text has all the normal Sibe mistakes

Coat Colour Inheritance in The Alaskan Malamute by Karyn Colman
Starhawk site. long but normal arctic breed mistakes Colour Inheritance...

Descriptive Coat & Marking Guide (Malamute) by Texalmal
short color and pattern descriptions, pics, no genetics

Examples of Chow Chow Colors by Wisconsin Chow Chow Club
a small color pic gallery with descriptions

Color Genetics (Chow Chow) by Anita Meulstee
some text and puppy pics

White Spotting in the Coat Color (mostly Akita ) by Sherry E. Wallis
good article about white spotting

Akita Colors Markings Patterns by Cajun Thunder Akitas
under construction; this far just a brindle page

A Discussion of Akita Noses by Sherry E. Wallis
this is pdf and so hard to read

The National Shiba Club Judge Guide
colors explained with text and pics

Coat Color (Korean Jindo) by Jindojunkie
a very nice photo gallery of all colors, some genetics stuff too

Koirien värejä - Canine Colors (Finnish Lapphund) by Liisa Sarakontu
collection of colors/patterns

Coat Color Genetics in Dogs (Canaan) by Lee Boyd
just text, no pics

Color (in Canaan Dogs) by ICDCA
color in official breed standars with a nice, small pic gallery

Observations of Basenji Coat Color by Leon C. Standifer
some rather weird theories, no pics

FCI group 6 - Scent Hounds and related breeds

Colors (Dalmatian) by Sue MacMillan
Paisleydals pages, excellent pic collection!

Dalmatian Dilemma - white coat colour and deafness by Bruce Cattanach
about spotting genes and deafness

Color, etc. (Dalmatian) by HatTrick Dalmatians
very much like Paisleydals site

Catahoula Information by ?
pics of different patterns in Catahoula Leopard Dog

A Matter of Color (Catahoula Leopard Dog) by Mary and Conrad Langevin
short text about merle, pics on other pages

Beagle Colors by ?
a very nice color gallery with some text

Coat Color Inheritance in Beagles by ?
just some text

Coat Color in Beagles by Briarby Kennel
short text, mostly same pics as in other sites

Illustrated Guide to PBGV (Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen) color genetics by Martin Vuille
nice, short text and some pics

(Rhodesian Ridgeback's) Color by Kalahari RRs
short text and pics about desired colors and some miscolors

Some Bosnian Hound colours by Ivana Marinkovic
a small color pic gallery, under costruction

FCI group 7 - Pointing Dogs

Coat Color Genetics of the Spinone by Spinone Club of America
basic stuff, shortish

FCI group 8 - Retrievers - Flushing Dogs - Water Dogs

Coat Color Inheritance in the Labrador Retriever by Pamela A. Davol
Punnet square, some text, ChromaGene link

A Detailed Examination of ... in the Labrador Retriever by Pamela A. Davol
more stuff, also about "silver" Labs

The Genetics of Color in Labradors by Amy Frost Dahl
nice, clear article

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Colours by Beartown
picture gallery, terminology in breed.

Color in the Chesapeake Bay Retriever by ACC
some text and a small pic gallery

American Cocker color inheritance by Oak Ridge Cockers (Kitto)
long and good article, nice Punnett squares and photos.

DNA test for Coat Color in American Cocker Spaniels by VetGen
B/b and E/e in the breed

Sables are (American) Cockers too by Kitto
a site about this rare color

Color Characteristics of English Cocker Spaniel by Nina Skorus-Neely
colors and patterns in the breed, some mistakes.

The Inheritance of Colours in the (English) Cocker by Tord Lundborg
text and pics.

The Colours of The Brittany by Pierre Willems
just an article, no pics

Inheritance of Color in the Brittany by G. Coats
short article about colors in this breed

FCI group 9 - Companions and Toys

Color Genes in the Poodle by John Armstrong
good. few pics.

Coat Color Genetics in Lhasa Apso by Catherine Marley
nice drawings, rather good text

Shih Tzu Coat Color Inheritance/Genetics by loulin
a short, not very good text, no pics

The Inheritance of Coat Color in Havanese by Mirabell Woudman
Little-type genetical explanations

Colours of the Rainbow (Havanese) by Faux-Paws (?)
excellent pics!

The Colors of Coton de Tulear , part 1 by R.J. Russell
colors in the breed.

Des cotons et des couleurs by a breed magazine (?)
short text in English, some nice photo series.

Coat Color - Pekingese come in many colors by ?
just one page, list of some color names

Coat Color Inheritance (Pekingese) by Diane Stepple
just text, no pics

Changing Colours of the Löwchen by Chinaroad
nice photo gallery + genetics article (with mistakes)

The Genetics of Color (Chihuahua) by MindiBown Kennels
just very basic "Little" genetics, no pics

Coat Colour Inheritance in Chihuahuas by Karmachis Kennels
short text, not bad

Examples of Chihuahua Colors by Kathy Hinderliter
nice pic gallery and color names, no text

Coat Color Inheritance (Chihuahua) by Katri Miettinen
easy to read article, lots of nice pics

Papillon Color Color Genetics by Aleda Papillons
long, and rather good! nice pics too.

Pug Colors by ?
rather good, pics.

Color Types in French Bulldog by Carol Gravestock
short text but pics are nice

FCI group 10 - Sighthounds

Rainbow of colors and color genetics of the Afghan by Diana Lüdemann
a very nice site with lots of pics!

Afghan Hound Coat Colors by Showtime Kennels
rather nice articke, no pics

Crazy About Colors - Afghan Hound Colors by Lynda R. Farley
short, basic mistakes, no pics

Colour Genetics in the Afghan Hound by Adrian Elsworth
long, no pics, just "Little" stuff

AHAOnline - Colours (Afghan) by AHA
some pretty pics with descriptions

Canine Coat Color - Inheritance and Appearance by Bonnie Dalzell
Borzoi color genetics, good article

Borzoi Quick Coat Color Reference Page by Bonnie Dalzell
good pics but weird Borzoi terminology

Genetics of coat color in the dog (Saluki) by Brown
lots of scientific text!

Colour Inheritance in the Greyhound by Gavin Fitzpatrick
short, not bad but some weird terminology - and sadly, in pdf

Guide to Color Inheritance in Greyhounds by Sally Taylor
just text, no pics

Coat Color Genetics in Whippets by Runswift
long text, LOTS of pics, lotsa examples, not bad

Coat Color Inheritance in Italian Greyhounds by KarenKato (?)
short text with basic Littel/Willis genetics

Coat Colour (Irish Wolfhound) by Hilary Jupp
short text, some pics

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