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This is a collection of links to sites which which might interest a color genetics hobbyist. The links are presented by species, and under some species there are first links to general color genetics pages and then links to pages about special colors and patterns in that species. The quality of these pages varies a lot from small photo galleries to vast genetic resources. Last checked and updated 2004-09-01.


Cattle - Nauta

Genetics of Coat Color in Cattle by Sheila Schmutz
a good site about colors! pics, too

The Genetics of Color by Robert Schalles
colors of Gelbvieh cattle explained

Cattle Color Genetics by ?
a pdf table with some breeds and genes in them

Genetics of Colour Variation by T.A. Olson
a pdf file explaining colors in cattle

Coat Color in Cattle by Fern Hill Farm
nice article with pics

Color Pattern Inheritance in Beef Cattle by Stanley McPeake
colors in beef breeds, text and tables

The Color Of (Longhorn) Cattle by Larry Griggs
a nice, short article with a small color gallery

Color Patterns and Markings of Texas Longhorn by Candy's Corral
a picture gallery with color and pattern names

Our colourful Icelandic cows by Langhus ranch
a small photo gallery of different colors and pattern

Inheritance of the Belt Pattern in Belted Galloway Cattle by Sheila Scmutz et al
short article about this rare pattern, no pics

Colour Patterns and Belted Galloway Registries by Hugh R. Crawford
long text about this pattern, no pics or gene names

Sheep - Lammas

Color Genetics in Icelandic Sheep by Susan Mongold
a long, good article with lots of pics!

Sheep Color Genetics by Lanette Scapillato
a very good article about Shetland, Iceland and Finn breeds

Sheep Color Genetics by Shaltz Farm
a set of articles about color in Shetlands

Colours in Shetland Sheep by NASSA
color and pattern names

Basic Concepts of Colour Inheritance by BCSBAA
a short article, just covering the basics

Icelandic Sheep Color and Pattern Genetics by Lisa Roskopf and George DeGeer
another good article, some pics

A Primer in Icelandic Breeding Genetics: Color and Pattern by Lavender Fleece farm
good, not just as good as the previous ones

Hebridean Colour Genetics by J D Parfitt and A J Sheppy
rather sci text about this breed, no pics

Our Icelandic sheep by Langhus ranch
just a color picture gallery

Colour Genetics in Spaelsau by Ottar Endresen
short text, pics

Genetics of Sheep Colour in New Zealand by BCSBA
a short text about colors in this breed

The Genetics of Coat Color in Jacob Sheep by Dan Carpenter
a short text about black and "lilac"

Color Genetics in Coopworth Sheep by Phillip Sponenberg
genetic text about colors and patterns, no pics

Goat - Vuohi

Breeding for Color by CAGBA
several articles including good stuff by Sponenberg

Some Dairy Goat Color Genetics by Wilmer J. Miller
not as good, but some genes explained, no pics's%20WebPage/Goatgen.htm

Goat Color Explained by Phillip Sponenberg
a short article about some color names + fainting goat gallery

White Spotting Patterns by Phillip Sponenberg
drawings of different pattern types

Color Genetics, Color Patterns and the Pygmy Goat by Phillip Sponenberg
a very nice article with good pics

Color Genetics in the Nigerian Dwarf Goat by Cris Waller
lots of good stuff; text, photos and drawings

Llama - Laama

Llama Coat Colors by Dale Graham
rather good text with pics

Llamas and Their Colors by Starlit Ridge Farm
short descriptions of some colors and patterns, no pics

Alpaca - Alpakka

Some Educated Guesses on Color Genetics of Alpacas by Phillip Sponenberg
no pics but rather long and interesting stuff - just scroll down

Alpaca Color Genetics by Andrew & Ann Merriwether
about white spotting - and just in pdf

Mr. Paca Pinto by Ingrid Wood
something about alpaca colors and genetics

Pig - Sika

Colour genes in Danish swine breeds by Vetgen (?)
just some genes with pics

...and Coat Color in Pigs by Kijas, Wales et al
scientific stuff about color inheritance

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