Mammal Color Genetics Links - Nisäkkäiden värigenetiikkaa englanniksi

This is a collection of links to sites which which might interest a color genetics hobbyist. The links are presented by species, and under some species there are first links to general color genetics pages and then links to pages about special colors and patterns in that species. The quality of these pages varies a lot from small photo galleries to vast genetic resources. Last checked and updated 2004-09-03.

Ferret - Fretti

Color and Pattern per the AFA Show System by AFA
color descriptions with good pics

What are the different ferret colors? by Pamela Greene
descriptions of colors, no pics

Ferret Color/pattern Chart by Ferret Friends of PGH
pics of some colors

Ferret Colors, Patterns & Markings by FOTH
pattern descriptions, pics behind links

Ferret Colors! by Hug-A-Woozel
a small site with some text and pics

Ferreting Out Ferret Colors And Patterns by for Dummies
nice text but no pics by pa2g
a small photo gallery, no text

American Mink - Minkki

Genetics of Mink Coat Colour by B.L. Trenholm
rather good text, no pics

Inheritance of coat colour in mink by Vetgen (?)
text and even some pics

Genetics of Mink Coat Colour by ?
a color gene table, some pics

Fox - Kettu

Genetics of Fox Fur Colour by B.L. Trenholm
short intro to fox colors, no pics

Genetics of Pure or Solid Phases in Red Fox by B.L. Trenholm
text about some recessive gene combinations

Genetics of White Marking Phases in Red Fox by B.L. Trenholm
text about white spotting patterns

Big Cats - Isot kissaeläimet

Mutant Big Cats by Moggycat
a pic gallery about weird colors in wild felines

African Pygmy Hedgehogs - Nelivarvasiili ja algeriansiili

Hedgehog Colours by Bryan Smith
a long series of good articles about colors in two African species

Hedgehog Colors by Atlantis Hedgehogs
several pages about colors and genetics, nice little pics

Colours, types and species by Brian MacNamara
a short text which lists color variaties

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