Kennel Sarantais, Finland Allergy

Cause of allergic reaction

Dog's skin dandruff, urine and saliva always contain proteins that allergic people's organisms start to fight against. This causes allergic reactions.

The skin of a hairless dog is easy to clean - it can be washed with mild shampoo, as often as needed. Cream is applied afterwards to avoid drying. Dandruff is not that big of a problem anymore. This makes hairless dogs suitable to allergic people - like us.

How to avoid allergic reaction

Allergic dog owners must take care of hygiene:

  • Wash the dog when needed - this may be every day or a couple of times a month.
  • Wash the dog's bed frequently - we use towels on the bed, which can be easily washed in a machine.
  • Wash the dog's clothes frequently.
  • Keep the house clean by frequently washing the floors, maybe even get rid of carpets and other dusty elements.

It is important to teach the dog to use outside toilet as soon as possible - for us urine is the worst allergenic! We also try to avoid letting the dogs to lick us. The dogs also have a bedroom of their own - they are not allowed to come to our bedroom - except to our children's bedrooms, the kids are not allergic.

Our house has an electric air conditioning system, which we have found very useful - it keeps the air fresh.

Differences between breeds and dog individuals

It is mentioned that there are differences among different breeds - it may be true because different breeds have different metabolism in cells. There are said to be differences between dogs in the same breed as well. We have also heard and experienced that a puppy dog less than 12 months causes more allergic reactions than an adult does.

The skin of an AHT is softer and it produces more grease than skins of other hairless breeds. Usually this grease spreads all over dog?s coat. Dandruff of AHT gets stuck to the grease and when you wash the dog it?s goes off with washing water. This may be one thing which may make AHTs better for allergic people than other naked breeds.

AHT breeders in the USA arrange allergy trials for families who suffer from allergy before getting a new family member. Allergy trials can be arranged also in Finland.

Dog's allergies

Dogs may also be allergic and have reactions and symptoms, for example on their skin. It is easy to see the marks of reactions on hairless dogs. Tracking allergens with hairless dogs is easier than when dealing with coated dogs.