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The hairless dogs in our family since 2001


Dear animal lover!

Our family consists of the two adults, Sari and Ari, and adult children who already have flown out of the nest. Since 2001 our family also has hairless family members whom we introduce to you in the following pages.

We breed only a couple of litters in a year – we want to spread the happiness and the joy which our family has got from our hairless family members.

Please, see also the coated varieties, if you do not have allergies! These coated ones are very important to the gene pool of the breed - and of course, best family members to his/hers family ever!

We hope you enjoy our web site,

Sari and Ari
Kennel Sarantais

PS. More photos can be found in Sarantais' ImageEvent albums.


Some news - more in our Finnish sites.


GRCH Sarantais Mercy and Justice @ WMK ~ "Perry"

Big congrats to Perry and his wonderful family, the Pingels, again! Perry wan BOB in AHTA Speciality in Premier Shows 8 July 2010, in the USA! And being the UKC TOP 1 dog in Top Ten 2010 standings (July 2010)! Way to go Karyn, Ryan and Perry!